It does not matter what state I travel too, the stories are the same. They could divorce each other. (Besides changing our education, faith-based, healthcare, social service, and juvenile justice systems)…couldn’t we create a system for the economically poor like the one that Gilbert Gonzalez, the director of the Bexar County Mental Health Department, created for the mentally ill in San Antonio, TX? He could also have said: “….to show them the disorganized, disjointed, and hope-sucking system we’ve created to serve poor people.”. That could be a very interesting way to judge organizations. Economically poor adults tend to have high ACE scores. Poverty, Stress, and Academic Performance: ACE Scores and the WSCC Model in an Urban District 23 Pages Posted: 19 Oct 2017 Last revised: 8 Dec 2018 See all articles by Corey Bower Or does poverty cause ACEs? This is the type of discrimination and harassment that all of us who have come from massive poverty have to continue to face. I am so grateful for your insights and your wisdom, Robin. I have paid far more in taxes than any welfare my parents received and it was a horrible experience...Poverty is a terrible ACE that creates great shame, discrimination and abhorrence from others who simply do not understand the reality of this massive, chaining injustice.Please do not take offense to my bluntness but this is something that is so important to me and should be to us all. Compared to participants with no ACEs, those with higher ACE scores were more likely to report high school non-completion, unemployment, and living in a household below the federal poverty level. We're sorry. In Maine, we have been doing some poverty work in slight alignment with our ACEs/Resilience initiative, but not connected to one another. Most of the reports that I hear are that the "systems" don't make it easy for people to access their supports and benefits. Dave Ellis, a consultant and an ACEs master trainer in Minneapolis, said he thought poverty was a symptom of ACEs. poverty, among others.3 Adverse childhood experiences occur regularly with children aged 0 to 18 years across all races, economic classes, and geographic regions; however, there is a much higher prevalence of ACEs for those living in poverty. On Facebook, a woman and I were having a convo, and came up with the idea for ACEs and resilience scores for community/systems experiences -- such as healthy food, access to safe & supportive schools, housing, safe neighborhoods, etc. I really appreciate your words. Being connected to caring adult relationships that model trust, safety, connection, and hope. Jane, I think the article that you posted in the Faith-based group says it all. Thank you Becky my friend for the wonderful article here. That is what this conversation reminds me of. Poverty is not another ACE At this juncture it is important to note two things: (1) poverty is not another ACE. If we couple poverty (which is an ACE, no doubt) too tightly to causality of ACEs - in this particular political environment (state or nationally), we risk further victimizing and blaming people, claiming, for example, that poverty is a choice and "if you would just make better choices" .... you wouldn't be poor. My national service involved two "tours" in the War on Poverty, as a VISTA Volunteer. However, ACE scores lack specificity and ignore the patterning of adversities, which are informative for interventions. My hope is that every one of us who is working on behalf to those who have been wounded by ACEs & poverty, that we become the voice, we demand that our most vulnerable get the support and services they need in order to lift up their heads and see their value. On the railroad spur heading for dead end? We should talk parents UP and not denigrate them, which only spills over to their kids causing more blame and shame. We create those systems. Findings from this stud may help to make the case for adding poverty to the ACE questionnaire. Thank you, Chris. During the cold season, a nearby church avails a large meeting room for the Farmer's market. It is the extreme poverty that over stresses parents or extreme poverty w/ parents incapable of love that massively damages kids. childhood experiences (ACEs) among young children and the role this plays in impairing their brain functioning and contributing to later age physical and mental ailments. The AAP even considers childhood poverty a priority issue and has the FACE poverty campaign. High ACE scores have been linked to lower academic achievement, impaired behavior, increased impulsivity and, … tween poverty and high ACE exposure, because we did not include. Things are no where perfect here but I have far more than the nothing growing up (we had a broken down trailer, rats in it, little food except mystery meals, no indoor plumbing. But the structural violence of poverty is just that, violence. ACEs are getting tremendous media exposure of… ACEs Connection connected us and our fellowship started. Supplemental ACE questionnaires provide a unique opportunity to examine childhood poverty. I may also try to get further particulars on this issue later. It's increased sales for the farmers and vendors. and often don't comprehend that sometimes  "getting there" is well beyond the ability of the individual because there are so many other challenges in the way that day. Non-profits and churches and volunteers can only do so much .... government at all levels needs to be a willing partner at the table here and put money where our priorities and needs are. As I am discussing this discussion with him of whether poverty is an ACE he just told me (He calls me rarely) that "it sounds like you should join the 'free-shit army'." Carey, Thank you Gail for your kind words and also for all you do for the ACEs Connection community. They tell the poor “It’s your fault!”, and make it as difficult as possible to climb out. Improving teachers understanding of childhood poverty and ACEs can be a step towards being part of the multi-agency working that is needed to improve the life chances of the young people of Scotland. ACEs are getting tremendous media exposure of… Thank YOU for all that you do to contribute to our ACEs Connection community! Being poor isn't the issue, but I believe that what being poor does to people is the issue. It is the same approach whether ACEs are the cause of poverty or poverty is the main cause of ACEs, people deserve to be valued and loved so that they can become the special individual they were meant to be. financially stable households.27 Furthermore, research suggests that the health consequences of high ACE scores are often compounded by poverty, suggesting that children with high ACE scores who are also low-income experience worse outcomes in certain areas compared to people with high ACE scores who are higher income.17,18,25,28