Is that better for staining? if I mix aluminium and water it should yield aluminium hydroxide but nothing happens I've read on the internet that in the air aluminum is covered with thin layer of aluminium oxide and it's stopping it to react with water so (e.g. Thank you very much Mr. Yehia this was very helpful! On the other hand, higher pressure during reaction also denotes that water can diffuse deeper into the interior of aluminum particle so that reaction between water and aluminum can occur more thoroughly throughout the aluminum Or is it the case that the external observer could observe that the person in the space ship does not drop the objects at the same time, although the person in the space ship observes that the objects are dropped at the same time? How does one dispose of the used KMnO4/sulfuric acid mixture? We could place a CCD camera above the first and not use clock with it. Appearing of hydrogen bubbles from micro cracks in the oxide aluminum film as a result of reaction of water with aluminum occurred. If we use a less precise clock we would get interference. I would like to use Potassium permanganate/sulfuric acid for staining polymers. What is the most precise definition of time? So we get which way information and the interference pattern is destroyed – so we must get events (and even many such) in this segment. What is the photon dimension , in space , time is it the recombination lifetime multiplied by the speed of light ?what is its spectral distribution? We use cookies to help provide and enhance our service and tailor content and ads. Aluminum japanese jewelry [Wikimedia] But soon, in 1886, a method was de­vel­oped by Charles Mar­tin Hall and Paul Héroult for pro­duc­ing alu­minum in in­dus­tri­al scale, which dras­ti­cal­ly re­duced the cost of this met­al, and al­lowed it to be used in the met­al­lur­gi­cal in­dus­try. Aluminum does react with water. Hydrogen production at reaction of aluminum with NaCl + CuSO4 solutions was studied. The hydrogen production by reaction of aluminum foils and powders with KOH aqueous alkaline solutions was studied. Effect of different physical factors on the specific hydrogen production rate was analyzed. 2. the relativity of simultaneity shows impressively that different observers moving relatively to each other do not have to agree on whether two events really happen at the same time, depending on their reference system. All rights reserved. my question concerns a situation in which the law of free fall and the relativity of simultaneity come into play simultaneously. I read that the mixture when dried could be explosive. Perfect! The hydrogen produced via such aluminum-water reactions might be employed to power fuel cell devices for portable applications such as emergency generators and laptop computers. The physics (on the slits) must be the same but it is not? But if we watch the clock we should know where the particles come from (left or right slit) because the distance from the left slit is slightly closer to this minimum. Professor Yehia Khalil, Yale University, USA. Copyright © 2020 Elsevier B.V. or its licensors or contributors. Relativity of simultaneity and free fall: Do all observers see that two objects reach the surface at the same time when they are dropped? Activation of aluminum by copper was studied. Without any efforts I can figure out at least 3. A person is standing in a space ship and lets two objects with different masses fall simultaneously through a technical apparatus (atomic clock). I'm currently working on a project involving TPE Filament (3D Printer) as my base material. Here is the reaction: 2Al + 2NaOH + 6H2O → 2NaAl(OH)4 + 3H2 The materials needed for this reaction include: the aluminum foil, NaOH pellets, Erlenmeyer flask, and a distilled water dropper. The reaction ran approximately 16 min and according to estimations nearly 20 cm 3 of hydrogen When stirred, the crystals dissolve and form a light blue solution. 3. At this moment, I'm working with Au-CeO2 nanoparticles, and I need to dissolve them with a solvent whose evaporation temperature isn't higher than water temperature evaporation. In order not to water up the discussion I would be thankful if your comments are concerned on the first item. The results showed that presence of copper on the surface or in the bulk of aluminum essentially increased the effective hydrogen production rate. I'm wondering if the atmospheric gases affect this? Published by Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved. How can it be that the precision of the instruments can influence the events? –I suggest that you employ the following procedure: a) Place a small amount of aluminum foil in the flask, b) Put a few pellets of NaOH on the aluminum foil, and then c) Add water droplets onto the NaOH pellets. 1. no events in this segment of the camera). When placed in water, the crystals turn bright green with a slight blue tinge in the water above the crystals. Aluminum metal forms a layer of aluminum oxide a few millimeters thick when it first comes in contact with water. The filtration corrosion in pressed aluminum powder was found. Effect of different physical factors on the hydrogen production rate was analyzed. What is the standard geometry of the specimen for testing elastomers? My question now is, what happens, if we combine both things. How can I dissolve or disperse Au-CeO2 nanoparticles? 2. The materials needed for this reaction include: the aluminum foil, NaOH pellets, Erlenmeyer flask, and a distilled water dropper. By continuing you agree to the use of cookies. Or must all external observers agree that both objects reach the floor at the same time, because the law of free fall cannot be circumvented? Three variants of contacting copper with aluminum were considered: 1) preliminary chemical coating of the aluminum surface, 2) embedding copper into the melt of aluminum or pressing the aluminum – copper powder mixture, 3) continuous supplying copper to the aluminum surface during the reaction. layer of aluminum oxide, thus allowing the reaction with water to proceed. And what is the easiest way to describe time? What is the best thing that really shows that god exists. Safety is critical in this experiment as H2 is flammable and explosible. In his frame of reference this person has no problem - he sees that both objects arrive at the floor at the same time. There are some paradoxes appearing. Also, some literature recommends sulfuric and nitric. Laura Schlimgen. Surely there are many more. Join ResearchGate to find the people and research you need to help your work. If we don’t watch the clock we must get the normal interference pattern. But what does an external observer see when the space ship passes? Does anyone have experience with this staining technique and the safe disposal? Now we concentrate on the first minimum (say left side). As long as you use distilled water, pure sodium hydroxide pellets, and clean flask, the produced H2 gas should be close to 100% purity. I would like to know how pure is the hydrogen obtained in this reaction considering that it is going to be done outdoor and with a small glass bottle.