When you want to mic your amp, the innovative Audix Cab Grabber Microphone Holder … AmpClamp (Xtra) Mount Plate for WTPro Microphone Mount, Mic Clamp, Mic Holder … Free shipping . This portable microphone holder is made for guitar and/or bass amplifiers, and relieves stage clutter by reducing the need for mic … Put a Mic on Your Amps the Easy Way! The Ampclamp is one of those little things. Clamps can attach to your already in place drum hardware and give you the option of placing a mic within your kit, avoiding any extra stands. Premier Guitar. It fits nicely on my boogie and although it can move about easily it generally stays in the right position. Free shipping . Instead, the CabGrabber clamps directly onto an amp to hold a microphone … A A Colubmia, SC (February 14, 2008) -- Sometimes the little things make a big difference. Having a cumbersome mic stand in the middle of your drum kit can easily become problematic. The Audix CabGrabber is a must-have for both the studio and the stage. This simple device lets you conveniently mike a guitar amplifier or cabinet without the use of a bulky mic stand. AmpClamp WT PRO/609 Guitar Amp Microphone Mount Holder, for Shure, Audix i5,e609. Mic Stand Package with Triad T2 Medium Stand, Orbit 1/O1 Orbital Boom, Micro 2/M2 Mic Adapter, iOrbit Universal iPad Holder, IO-C Clamp IO Quick-change Base $ 506 .96 Or $11 /month § for 48 months i Amp Clamp: Portable Microphone Holder. $37.00. AmpClamp S Series /609 Guitar Amp Microphone Mic Clamp,for Shure, Audix i5, e609. Bought this amp clamp to negate the need to carry a mic stand around. February 14, 2008. I have the mic off center to the … $34.00.