Discover a more durable and stable flooring option for your home or project. Welcome to Amtico Flooring. Amtico’s range of flooring, including a broad range of wood floor finish options, offers our customers outstanding quality flooring in a variety of textures, colours, and styles. We supply the full range of Amtico Signature, Amtico Spacia, Amtico Form and Amtico Click luxury vinyl floor tiles (LVT). We are proud to be a long-standing Amtico One Retailer with years of specialist experience supplying and fitting Amtico luxury vinyl flooring, so you can rest assured that you're buying genuine Amtico flooring from a trusted and authorised Amtico retailer. means the hardness of the floor, especially the top layer. With a focus on quality and design, Amtico flooring allows you to create unique spaces in every room. If you are considering extending or updating your home, and thinking about a wood or stone floor, then Amtico’s wood and stone effect floors offer the same beautiful, stylish finish without the need for expensive underfloor heating. To give you peace of mind all of our Amtico products are supplied with a manufacturers warranty. s also worth noting that newer technology makes it tougher to distinguish between LVT and hardwood. is determined by the thickness of the piece or layers, as well as the quality of materials used. You can browse our range of wood flooring effect luxury vinyl tiles by visiting, which introduces out collections for home and for commercial use. They are often used interchangeably but they do mean different things. Durability means the hardness of the floor, especially the top layer. Amtico vinyl floor tiles are designed and made in Britain (Coventry to be precise), and are renowned globally as one of the UK's most respected, design-led flooring brands. The planks are also extremely hard and durable. Alongside this longer term considerations are costs to maintain and cleaning products for your floor, where again luxury vinyl tile can offer better value for money. These Listed Amtico Products are for Trade, Retail shops, Builders and Property developers who require larger amounts of Flooring. With manufacturing and photography techniques, LVT can offer layer texturization, meaning that the planks look and feel like wood. Alongside this Amtico design motifs, borders and stripping options, allowing endless customisation features. While it can come in many qualities, styles, and colours, wood can also be more expensive than luxury vinyl wood planks, which will already include the additional formats that have to be purchased for the hardwood varieties. To recap Amtico luxury vinyl tile comes in a broad and adaptable range of beautiful collections and design styles. Our links and long-standing relationship with Amtico flooring means that we can provide fast UK delivery and a knowledgable technical team to discuss your amtico product and installation queries. With LVT, you don't have to worry about how cold or warm the weather outside is; no need to invest in underfloor heating. If water seeps into the wood, the floor could be damaged completely. Even though hardwood is a natural material, which means it can reproduce itself given enough time, deforestation has led to the destruction of many trees. , which introduces out collections for home and for commercial use. It uses a high-tech photographic image layer which goes between the clear layer and backing to create a wood finish effect. Beautiful wood flooring designs from Amtico Amtico LVT gives you all the benefits of natural wood flooring, including a beautiful wood-like finish, with none of the associated problems including scratching and wear-and-tear. Amtico’s luxury vinyl tile products can also help keep energy costs lower because it feels warmer underfoot in your home. The Spacia collection will provide you with a stylish floor that stands the test of time. Place it along the floor, or near the base to create a beautiful border. When considering your flooring solution, luxury vinyl tile can offer a more cost effective route than natural wood floor both in terms of buying the materials and installation. Often, these products outlast their warranty, meaning they could very well be a lifetime purchase. As such, you do not need to change the entire scheme of the room, including colours, decorations,and furniture, to use this flooring option. Therefore, for those looking for a solution for their kitchen, if you regularly splash the dishwater or bathwater and it ends up on the floor, you'll have to wipe it up immediately so it doesn't stain or damage the wood. More than 50 years of experience goes into every Amtico floor.