The Faceless Men, simply put, are death-dealers. Sansa wanted to marry a handsome prince and live in a castle. After killing the Waif, Jaqen tells Arya she has finally become No-one, which validates the Waif's statement. Jon Snow was still alive, she’d hear, and Winterfell could once again be her home. One might think that Arya has found safety and a friend. Arya is not yet a Faceless Man, she does not yet grasp the concept of being no one. At no point could she be Arya Stark. Arya had an agenda, and her agenda was death. But Lady Crane was promised to the Hall, and if Arya won’t do her job, someone else will. The Waif tells Arya that a name has been promised to the Many-Faced God, and "no-one can change that." But what she got, like most of her siblings, was a Monkey’s Paw version of her heart’s desire, and the arduous journey she’s endured managed to strip away her sense of identity in order that she could be rebuilt. When this happened, an unwitting partnership was formed, and Arya’s dance with death, her initiate intertwining with the great beyond, would push her into an existential existence that’s only rivaled by Bran’s foray into foresight. Whether they’re paid to kill a heinous person or a kind and gentle soul, it’s all done to honor their ghoulish god. Knee-jerk reaction to “No One:” five best and worst moments, Go behind the scenes of season 7 with a new video about the special effects of Game of Thrones, 'Game of Thrones' releases some new season 7 photos, Yet more new images from Game of Thrones season 7—Sam, Bran, Daenerys and others. Let’s hope Arya’s able to balance the light and dark within her. A list of people to kill. As much as she was willing to embrace the liberating thrill of reinventing herself, she couldn’t cut ties with her past. So far young Arya had been inundated with death and forced to lose all aspects of her former self. But this was Arya’s list. Well, that’s to come…. Jon wanted to have a cause, a purpose, and to feel needed by others. Namely, the Waif. Here’s how Arya managed to shed herself and get lost within a swirl of wrath and revenge, only to be reborn as Winterfell’s smirking shadow. Back in Season 6, Episode 8 ("No One"), Arya is tasked with assassinating Lady Crane, an actress who plays Cersei Lannister in a play called The Bloody Hand. Assassins who consider their killing a form of service to the Many-Faced God, which is what they call Death. Helpless, Arya had to remain hidden during her journey back home, and it was here that she began to accept, and enjoy anonymity. Arya Stark was left in a bad way at the end of "Game of Thrones" Season 6, Episode 7(or was she? To either serve or avoid. Behold what looks like it will be the most Arya Stark tatto ever: the words “No One” in red ink. Namely, the Waif. Ever since Arya decided to go rogue a second time and disobey the Faceless Men for her own emotional needs, we’ve known that her life is technically forfeit. After roughly running afoul of Jaqen, who himself wasn’t even a real identity but a placeholder for the cult’s many malleable members, Arya realized she couldn’t be the nameless “no one” the Black and White life required. While posing as Tywin Lannister’s water boy, she got within close killing range of her family’s arch-nemesis. The moment “A girl is Arya Stark of Winterfell. So what then made her turn back to Westeros and abandon an assassination? Arya’s hate. With cunning skills, a lithe lethality, and the Faceless Men’s many tricks up her sleeves, Arya returned to Westeros – not fully no one, but also not yet ready to be Arya. Arya was getting more comfortable being someone else while also realizing that ditching her dynasty opened up new destinies. In Braavos, Arya sought refuge, and tutelage, within the House of Black and White. From the traumatic tableau of her father’s execution to the stable boy she accidentally-on-purpose stabbed, to the presumed fate of her instructor Syrio Forel. Arya seemed surprisingly startled at how fast the Faceless Men, embodied by the Waif, came for her last week, much to the confusion and consternation of everyone else who thought she should be smarter than that. At this moment, her future plans to kill evil-doers synced up with death’s diabolical design. After Arya arrived at The Twins to see the aftermath of her family’s vile murder, and then at The Eyrie, to learn that her aunt had died, she gave up – and gave in to Jaqen’s offer to train her in the House of Black in White. "No One" is the eighth episode of the sixth season of HBO's fantasy television series Game of Thrones, and the 58th episode overall. At all times, she had to be someone else. (Let’s be real, it doesn’t matter if they wear Arya’s face or Lady Crane’s face for their next kill, does it? Notice how she treated the black man who opened the door completely differently than … A call from the distant past, of course. Not only did she hide some of her personal effects, like her sword Needle, but she blatantly defied orders in order to kill someone on her own list. I have read a lot of long made up stories people have written to explain the scene which are rather complex and ur head hurts to try to understand them. Drawn to swordplay, and displaying an acumen for archery and weaponry that overshadowed her brothers, Arya knew early on that a non-traditional Lady-like life was not for her. Though traveling companion Gendry would figure out who she was, everyone else hadn’t a clue, thus giving Arya her first true taste of “hiding in plain sight.” It was a trick that gave her unexpected thrills. Then again, she also tried denying herself and shedding her skin and that didn’t hold either. Bran wanted to climb to great heights and see all around him. And not fulfilling contracts is what is known as “bad for business.”). Arya would seemingly stumble upon the answer to all her murderous prayers in the form of Jaqen H’Gar, a Faceless Man from Braavos, who rewarded her kindness by killing off three people of her choosing, quite effortlessly. At all times, she had to be someone else. There she’d have to make the ultimate choice: Give up being Arya Stark forever in order to become a brutal blank slate who honors only death or return back home to Westeros, a place that assuredly held nothing for her but pain and anguish. When Ned once told her she was destined to marry a high lord and birth many sons, she replied: “No, that’s not me.” But is she so far gone now, down a path of revenge and reckoning, that her only other option is a suicide mission to the Red Keep? For those who worried that Arya’s condition from last week would be forgotten, it is not. But will it take? They walked until they reached the temple forge. After all, as Jaqen H’ghar says, a face will be added to the hall, and the Faceless Men don’t really care whose. This both teaches Arya a lesson that you cannot fight fate, as well as the futility of fighting the commercial interests of the House of Black and White LLC. Powered by Minute Media © 2020 All Rights Reserved. First things first, at the top of the episode, Arya is being nursed back to health by Lady Crane, confirming that was her for the people trying to fantasize it somehow was not. It can be said that Ned’s kids – and we’re including Jon Snow here – were forced to come face to face with a perverse, funhouse mirror-version of their own fondest wish. Cause maybe, you’re gonna be the one that saves meAnd after all, we post spoilers all. The next part of Arya’s treacherous trek involved the complete and utter disavowal of her self.