Therefore, if you can do without the USB ripping and don’t have any intention of playing 78 RPM records, the AT-LPW40WN seems like a more logical choice. It’s disappointing, but it would definitely explain the lower price tag. As a result, the motor has lower torque and reverse directional play is no longer possible. Because of the high expectations people had, many will be slightly disappointed by the more plasticky build and lower torque motor. Audio Technica have stated that the AT-LP120X was not designed with DJs in mind, unlike the AT-LP120. This keeps the needle and the record from being worn out too quickly. A grinding gear-change later and Nico’s Chelsea Girls is spinning. If you're looking to get into vinyl or DJing, the LP120XUSB will happily get you started. Notably, an elliptical (vs spherical) stylus and the very nice AT95E cartridge, a giant killer known for beating out much more expensive cartridges. While there are plenty of budget turntables that cost under $200, the AT-LP120 offered a big step up for just a few extra dollars. The built-in phono preamp of the AT-LP120 was always one of its biggest problems. As the saying goes, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Although the LP120XUSB is fantastic, Audio Technica have found themselves in a strange spot as they also released the AT-LPW40WN this year. Audio-Technica provides a USB B-to-A cable in the turntable’s packaging (along with stereo RCA and grounding connections), making it possible to connect the LP120XUSB to a computer. Not exactly a revered high-end turntable in audiophile circles, but is capable of excellent sound. Think of the Audio-Technica AT-LP120XUSB as something of a gateway product. It would buy you a little more positivity in the bass, though. The AT-LP120 series has built its reputation on (4) key features: 1.1The LP120 series features a direct-drive motor which is unique in this price range. In terms of audio quality, the Rega Planar 1 bests it, but if you're looking for an entry-level turntable with a decent array of features – including ripping vinyl to digital – then it's worth a considering. However, for those who have rare, or less-than pristine vinyl that they’d rather not keep taking out of its sleeve, the LP120XUSB is a useful and easy-to-operate method of analogue-to-digital transfer. Audio-Technica LP120 review: Design and build. It doesn’t display the outright solidity of bass that’s ideal – there’s a slightly deflated quality to bass-drum kicks during Everybody Needs A 303 – but the low frequencies are quite rich, and generally move along at a reasonable pace. The LP120XUSB is a refreshed version of the popular LP120USB turntable, but is it an improvement? © 2020 Sound Manual | A listen to Girl Band’s Holding Hands With Jamie confirms it: the Audio-Technica deals with the nosebleed dynamics well, establishing a convincing soundstage, and integrates the entire frequency range pretty smoothly. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc, or its affiliates. For a long time, the Audio Technica AT-LP120 has been one of the most highly praised entry-level turntables. Learn More. 1.2 The LP-120 series features a higher quality tonearm than most entry level turntables. Audio-Technica has been a leader in phono cartridge design for more than 50 years, and that expertise shows in the versatile, high-performance AT-VM95E cartridge, which comes with a 0.3 x 0.7 mil elliptical stylus, but is also compatible with any VM95 Series replacement stylus, offering a wide choice of options for every budget and application. It’s difficult to tell which is having the most significant effect on the sound, so we tested the two turntables using a separate preamp to better isolate the cartridges. Audio Technica AT-LP120X-USB Reviews. Audio-Technica has decades of experience where styluses and cartridges are concerned, and there’s no doubt the LP120XUSB is over-specified in this respect, especially in the context of its overall price. The Audio-Technica can seem to drag just very slightly at tempos during bottom-heavy recordings, as the entry into and departure from individual bass notes can be just slightly blurry. This is quite an extensive list, so let’s move on from Technics for a minute and just reel them off. But it wouldn’t buy you the Audio-Technica’s smooth and substantial build quality, or its resistance to vibration, or its ability to play at 78rpm as well as 33.3 and 45. The feet also help reject vibration, which can only be a good thing. The built-in phono preamp and new cartridge work to produce much improved sound over the AT-LP120. USB output connects directl The voice is integrated nicely into the rest of the frequency information, yet nevertheless exists in its own pocket of well-defined space. The AT-LP120X comes with a bunch of features that make it a versatile record player.