Exclusive T3 Pocketed Coil technology absorbs energy and isolates motion for blissfully uninterrupted sleep, while the Curated Thechnolux foams alleviate pressure on your shoulders and hips to … They’re currently available in three different tiers, dubbed the Black, Silver, and Platinum collections.Within each collection is a group of models, each featuring multiple comfort levels. Beautyrest Black/Hybrid: Our original default choice, but second guessing after researching (seems like durability/sagging issues). Beautyrest Black Hybrid X-Class Medium Queen Mattress - 700810873-1050. The Beautyrest Hybrid Mattress is one of two direct-to-consumer mattress offerings from Simmons Bedding Co., with the other being the Beautyrest Black. ; Cooling model — Adds a cool-to-the-touch cover. ; Firmness rating — Honestly, it feels like a foam hybrid mattress. The Beautyrest collections have a lot of different mattresses to offer. Thanks to the combination of InfiniCool™ Plus surface layers, the Beautyrest Hybrid is cool to the touch, so both sides are the cool side. Shop Beautyrest X Class Hybrid 13.5'' Medium Firm Mattress- Queen online at Macys.com. Simmons Beautyrest is one of the most well-known American mattress brands (and rightly so; it was founded way back in 1870).. The difference between the three models of the new Beautyrest Black mattress are as follows: Base model — A foam hybrid mattress with pocketed coils for support. No more rolling over to find the cool side of the bed. Beautyrest Black Hybrid X-Class Medium The Hybrid X-Class Medium is not too firm and not too plush. T3 technology is three steal strands wound into one to absorb energy, reduce motion and provide exceptional support, durability and undisturbed sleep. Innovative coil structure, intricately engineered cooling technologies, and the latest in pressure relieving memory foam make this line the ultimate choice in luxury bedding Their mattresses are also sold in mattress stores across the U.S. Simmons was founded in 1871, launched their Beautyrest mattress line back in 1925, and began selling mattresses online in 2019. Beautyrest Black® Hybrid seamlessly integrates luxury and technology for an indulgent sleep experience. The Beautyrest Hybrid uses its gel layers to focus on optimum pressure relief on your hips and shoulders—heads up side sleepers. ; Cooling/comfort — Adds the same cooling cover and a pillow top. The world's premier support system, the exclusive patented T3 Pocketed Coil®, keeps you comfortably supported. The Beautyrest Black Hybrid X-Class Medium is the least expensive in the collection, and it features 3" of memory foam: a layer of RightTemp foam and a 2" layer of gel memory foam. Cradle your body in luxury every night with this Beautyrest X Class Medium Queen Mattress. A look at the new Beautyrest Black. Beautyrest's state-of-the-art Black X Class Hybrid 13.5'' Medium Firm Mattress integrates luxury and technology for an unparalleled sleep experience.