Beetroot Thoran Recipe – Kerala Style Beetroot Stir Fry September 6, 2016 by Sharmilee J 1 Comment Beetroot Thoran was on my pending list since few years.Today I made it and enjoyed it with Rice and Sambar ,yum combo I say.I got this recipe from my neighbor today and atonce tried it,the coconut oil flavour with beetroot is sure a winning combination. Kerala Carrot Thoran goes very well with rice and roti. Carrot, Beetroot and Tendli Thoran / Mixed Vegetables Kerala style. Bring everything to the center of the pan and pat down the mixture tightly using the back of a spoon. Enjoy the Kerala Carrot Thoran. Lower the heat, add in the grated carrot, chopped pearl onions, coconut mixture and mix well. Kerala Style Beetroot Thoran or Vegan Beet Stir fry with coconut. Cover and cook for 5-6 minutes on very low heat. Beetroot Thoran – A Kerala style Thoran with the colorful vegetable Beetroot. We all like the color of Beetroot but some people don’t like the taste of Beetroot though it has many health benefits. Ingredients: Coconut oil / Vegetable oil (for stir frying) 1/2 tsp Turmeric powder 1 medium Carrot – finely chopped 1 small Beetroot – finely chopped 7 – 8 Kovakya/tendli/Ivy gourd – finely chopped 1 medium Onion – finely chopped 2 Green chilies – thinly sliced Like green color vegetables’ Thoran, cumin seeds and garlic are not added here but the grated coconut and coconut oil give a nice taste. Very healthy dish for kids. Kerala Carrot Thoran, an easy recipe for working women. No Onion No Garlic, Gluten Free, South Indian Vegetarian Easy Side Dish recipe for Vishu and Onam Sadya meals If you are a Beetroot loving family like us and love South Indian recipes then you must try this easy peasy Kerala Style Beetroot Thoran Recipe or Simple Beetroot Stir Fry with coconut .