Gift Guides. Durability is also another stand out feature of the BOSS audio 8-inch subwoofer as it features an original rubber material construction that makes it quite resistant to damage and also makes it possible for this subwoofer to endure any punishment or type of handling that is being thrown at it. The 150W is undoubtedly going to improve your listening experience wherever you take it. It has a compact size for easy installation. It produces a unique sound that surpasses an 8” woofer. When it comes to subwoofers, never compromise quality. Nothing can stop you if you consider any of the Top 8-inch subwoofers. We got to admit that subwoofers are not always easy on the pocket but would you really compromise quality over something cheap? It has a multipurpose grill that protects the woofer from damage. So, don’t underestimate the 8-inch subs. The PWE-S8 8-inch Subwoofer is easy to install because they fit in any compatible space. The subwoofers became important to many home theater systems as well as car owners. Best 8-inch Subwoofer: You can’t claim to have a real system if people outside your car can’t feel the music. Rockford only gives support to units bought through their partners. Just because it’s cheap, it means it could work. It produces better bass compared to other premium factory subwoofers. You have entered an incorrect email address! It is quite pricey compared to the other woofers in the list. Contact. Reviews Of The Best 8-inch Subwoofers for Your Budget, Kicker 8” Solo-Baric L7 Car Subwoofer 4 OHM 11S8L74, 8W7AE-3 – JL Audio 8″ Single 3-Ohm W7 Subwoofer, Planet Audio AC8D 4 Ohm Voice Coil Car Subwoofer. Don't buy 8-inch car subwoofers before reading these reviews. The PWE-S8 8-inch Subwoofer makes an excellent bass that you can add to a sound system of your vehicle. These speakers are the best anyone would come across and also one that would be found on the lips of satisfied customers as its tuning was done by quality engineers so it can deliver the signature sound it is known for delivering. Featuring state of the art materials and technology, the CT sounds meso 7 inch car subwoofer is one toughly built subwoofer with the ability to produce rich and loud thumping sounds. They come in 100W BTL or 250- Watt Class-D amplifier-configurations. It has an inbuilt amplifier with an enclosure of cast aluminum. So if you are looking for something that is budget-friendly yet performs really well, this is the subwoofer you need. Delivering head-turning bass and improving audio performance is what this subwoofer is all about and it is one that isn’t just recommended for cars alone but can also be used in RV’s, motorcycles and boats. Best 10 Inch Subwoofers – Reviews, Ratings... Best Subwoofer Brands With Recommendation For 2021. It has terminals far apart from each other. Having voice coils with the ability to endure high temperatures, fight off fatigue and retain its strength is another excellent thing to talk about when considering this powerful 8-inch subwoofer and its flexible foam surround makes this subwoofer very efficient. Our team of experts has selected the best 8-inch car subwoofers out of hundreds of models. It is one of the best woofers if you want to increase the bass to a system, but you have to compromise on space and height. The Flex Fit basket makes the P3 easy to mount allowing for a better installation, and the hybrid stamp cast basket increases strength as well as minimizes weight. Also having a watt handling power of six hundred watts makes it the envy of similar products and the quality of sounds it produces is quite different from the norm which also contributes to why this 8-inch subwoofer stands out from most similar products. It is in an active enclosure which means it’s just plugged and play easy install and it’s ready to go straight out of the box due to being amplified. If you have enough space and love bass-heavy music, then you can get. One of the best 8-inch subwoofers that you can find belongs to RockFord. It allows adjustment so you don’t have to have a hard time doing so. It has a peak power of 300 watts and an RMS rating of 150 watts making it powerful for such small size. The price is great for something so durable. The Planet Audio AC8D 8 inch subwoofer would definitely get to earn a spot in this review. Cheap doesn’t always mean quality. This speaker had low-frequency added to high-frequency music that in studios eventually started using it in the 80s. But if you have limited space and you are in for well-balanced, quality melody over a boom and punchy bass, then you have the seven best subwoofers to select. The input terminals are nickel-plated and can accommodate speaker wires up to 8 AWG and 12 AWG. Very compatible and can even fit under drives seat, The 15 amp fuse protects the internal amplifier and makes it last longer. With a width of only 14 inches and height of 3 inches, this compact subwoofer is the perfect solution to a solid bass. Depending on the type of subwoofer you want, the performance may vary but you must always choose the best ones that you can find. Having a stiff but also a lightweight polypropylene woofer cone combined with an original rubber surround makes this woofer efficient in its production of sounds and that also isn’t all as it also makes sure this woofer is durable and also connects with other amplifiers. It also features a punch 8subwoofer that is powered by a 150W amp. This is where one can actually boast and say this is the right type of subwoofer that is very much different from the ones found in the crowd. For those who are still confused, a subwoofer is a loudspeaker that completes the whole sound of the audio system. It can be hidden underneath the seat of your car and still provide a potent amount of power. The speakers are available in single and dual voice coil configuration so you can flex the wiring options. Its design enables it to fit seamlessly in most cars. 15 Best 12 Inch Subwoofer For Your Car – Top Picks & Buying Guide (2020), How Scivation XTEND BCAA Helps You Lose Weight – 2020 Guide, 9 Health Benefits of Regular Exercise for Children – 2020 Guide, 9 Wonder-Supplements to Power up your Smoothies – 2020 Guide, 10 Best Reasons to Move to Washington State, 5 Places to Buy Specialty Toys – 2020 Guide. 15 Best Competition Subwoofer For Your Car In 2020 – Have You Seen The Orion?