“This product works very well,” wrote one reviewer. Somewhat softer materials like ceramic are ideal for honing, refining edges and buffing out tiny nicks. Chef’s Choice 270 | A heavy Duty; 5. The booklet also advises pulling your knife through at different speeds when honing or polishing. Polished ceramic, tungsten carbide, and sapphire are a bit less tough, and also less expensive. Customers love how quickly and efficiently the machine sharpens their non-serrated knives and the fact that it is so user-friendly. Best Electric Knife Sharpener Reviews 1. We tested each machine with as many types of cutting implements as we could (a few of the sharpeners accommodated scissors, paring knives, and serrated blades). These high-tech gadgets will make the dullest blades razor-sharp again with just the push of a button. The beloved product works on both straight edge and serrated knives, as well as 15- and 20-degree class knives, pocket knives, and hunting knives. 1. At only $34, this EdgeKeeper knife sharpener is a steal. “I am so happy with this little machine,” raved one shopper. There's a honing slot, a sharpening slot, and a polishing slot. Coarse, medium, and fine grit translates to how much metal will be taken off the knife. this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines. The compact sharpener’s slot guides will keep your blades at the correct angle so you can achieve the perfect 16-degree angle Japanese knives are known for. It does only one thing, but it does that one thing extremely well: It sharpens blades. The best sharpener I used while testing was the $125 Chef's Choice Trizor XV, a bulky device with three separate tracks for bringing dull knives to a … RELATED: The 9 Best Knife Sets for Every Kitchen, According to Thousands of Reviews. The E2 comes with a 3-year warranty and the ability to purchase replacements for the ceramic and flexible abrasive discs (used for sharpening and honing, respectively), although the company claims that you can sharpen up to 100 knives before needing to switch them out. I tried it with my kiritsuke, which has had a ding in the edge for some time (unfortunate sink drop). Manual sharpeners are generally less expensive, don’t require a power source, and since they’re not automated, offer better control. It will tune up your cutlery as well as multiple items from your toolbox. After about 10 swipes, it was able to slide swiftly through a tomato sans squashing, and a pass through the polisher created a noticeably smoother finish. For instance, knives with only one bevel (the angle leading to the edge), such as traditional Japanese knives, should only be sharpened and honed in the left slot, while American/Euro and contemporary Asian blades require alternating right and left slot pulls. All rights reserved. This one...on first use...sharpened my Wusthof Chef knife to precision and easily passed the tomato test,” raved one customer. November 22, 2020. While they provide a convenience and uniformity not … Best Pick. The three speed-sharpener works on both straight-edge and serrated knives, and it comes with a one-year warranty. Even better, it comes with a removable magnet that will catch the knife shavings making cleanup a breeze. Electric sharpeners: The Presto EverSharp requires a bit more know-how and precision since it’s motorized but not automatic. Shoppers say it’s super easy to use and love how quickly it sharpens even the dullest blades. And heck, as outlined above, our pick for the best knife sharpener can actually convert a 20-degree edge to a 15-degree one (coarse). The knife sharpener is fitted with 4 non-slip feet, making it a sturdy piece of equipment that can be used worry free. This electric sharpener allows you to have a safe and quick sharpening experience. This is intended to prevent over-sharpening, although if you find more time is needed, you can simply press the button again. This electric knife sharpening tool uses the 2 stage system to sharpen the knife’s blade. Best Electric Knife Sharpeners Best Features; 1. Some costing hundreds of dollars. “When I bought my ceramic knife it was with the understanding it would have to be sent out, at a cost almost equal to the cost of the knife to have it sharpened. Check Price. The whole sharpening process takes minutes, and spring-loaded guides inside the sharpening slots ensure your blade won’t slip around in the process. Prior to sharpening, our most-used German knife was no match for the hard hide of an acorn squash or the slippery skin of a tomato. It’s also worth noting that the Trizor evenly sharpened the blade from end to end, without leaving random dull spots. This electric sharpener can sharpen most kinds of knives including normal western straight-edge knives, European-style knives as well as serrated knives. If you make a purchase using the links included, we may earn commission. The downside is they tend to be more expensive, they require a power source, they are often bulky, and they offer less control. This machine takes all the effort and guesswork out of sharpening your Wusthof knives.”, We all know how important it is to keep our knives sharp, but don’t forget that your kitchen shears need a tune-up from time to time as well. 3. Presto 08810 Professional Electric Knife Sharpener; 3. It even works on the cheapest knives I have.”, If you have a variety of knives with different blade sizes that need sharpening, consider this Presto option. The abrasives control how much metal gets taken off the knife. Edge Keeper, Electric knife sharpener; 8. It can sharpen pretty much any blade I've thought to test it on. Looking to amp up your beef stew but unsure where to start? “I got this electric sharpener for Christmas, and it is amazing,” raved one reviewer. Knives are one of the most reached-for tools in the kitchen, which is why it’s so important to have a sharp blade on hand.