IR Packs Warren Huart IR Pack $ 50.00. The profiles are not for resale or any other unlicensed distribution, free or compensated. Kemper PROFILES . You can find some of the best Kemper amp Profiles right here at Selah Sounds. RockProfiles! Did you know the Kemper allows you to move the position of the EQ block? Let your Kemper scream! Quick View. IR Packs Glenn Fricker IR Pack $ 50.00. Rock, Hard Rock and Heavy Metal oriented profiles for your Kemper.The finest amplifiers profiled with the best speakers. It's a very cool trick and an often overlooked tool to help match profiles and guitars and help you find the best profile for the job. Downloadable Kemper profiles. Quick View. Best Selling Products. On this website you will find Kemper Profiles for electric and acoustic guitar that will make you play more. HW takes a look at the Kemper profiling amps ability to place the EQ block pre amplifier section or post amplifier section. Note: You are purchasing a license to use these profiles for your own personal and/or professional use. WELCOME TO M BRITT PROFILES ... At the links above and to the left you can find all of my Kemper packs as well as new preset packs for other units here as well. IR Packs Bob Marlette IR Pack $ 50.00. They profile classic sounds from the greatest guitar rack and amp tones. Discuss Rig Exchange offerings and free rigs in here Quick View. Quick View. Each Kemper Profile we sell is crafted by working hand-in-hand with the artist to ensure we capture their sound and their methodology in every Kemper Profile. All amp brands are trademarked by their respective owners and are in no way affiliated with Top Jimi Profiles. Sale! Quick View. Quick View. Bundles IR Everything Bundle $ 1,340.00 $ 297.00. 4x12 Cabs MARSH 1960 A $ 12.00. All Big Hairy Sounds are meticulously crafted at a state of the art studio, using an array of vintage and modern power amps, speakers, microphones, and studio outboard. Kemper profiles should be based on humans, not tech. High quality professional Kemper Profiles featuring Dumble, Diezel, Mesa Boogie, Marshall, Engl, Orange and many more in our store - quality is assured. As I work with more gear, I will try to add to the site and give players more options in the never-ending quest for the best tone possible. Free rigs and profiles. Big Hairy Profiles are for the Kemper Profiling Amplier. We create the best Kemper Profiles based on guitarists you know and love.