Eureka’s northern isolation means that it missed much of the post-war redevelopment. As a college town it has a full supply of cultural and sporting venues. Bubbajog; like your thinking!! I would expect more snow there too. With the exception of the coastal Northwest, most of this region is dry with hot summers. We had some friends who, on the basis of the beauty and claims of reduced rainfall compared to Portland, where we all lived, bought a condo in Port Townsend. The city has a lower than an average cost of living, and in fact was named by U.S. News as the #1 most tax-friendly town in the U.S. in 2008. After two years of weekending and occasional week visits, they sold it because they found it chillier, rainier, grayer and even more dreary in the winter than Portland. The setting, the tranquility, and the scenery are world class. Kiplinger’s called Bellingham one of the top retirement communities in the U.S. We split our time between Portland, OR and Bend, OR for the past 20 years, now full time in Bend. longer waits in store lines and to get into restaurants. Selecting will reload the Crowne Plaza Hotels & Resorts Website in this browser window. Here in our the third installment of our “Best Places to Retire 2019” are the top 20 most popular retirement towns in the U.S. West. Map the location. 3,145. Contact Us | traffic, cost of housing and cost of living, and annoying, e.g. The dirt road you have to travel to get there may have something to do with its preservation from all things glitzy, but you’ll find some two dozen art galleries in this town of 5,000, as well as fishermen, surfers, and folk musicians. With a population of 3,500, Avalon is just the kind of old-fashioned beach community you’re dreaming of with all the charm and tranquility of a coastal playground. The nearby Sierra Nevada Mountains and deserts make this a great area for people who like the outdoors. I’ll restrict my comments to those with which I have the most familiarity. 11. Last year’s winner, St. George, UT, slipped to third place this year. Showcase Listing We view that count as a gauge of interest in that destination. Selecting will open the HUALUXE Hotels & Resorts Website in a new browser window. Welcome to Cresswind Charlotte! You’ll have to try hard not to fall in love with Todos Santos, a small, out of the way, infinitely appealing beach town in Baja California. Active Adult Communities | Our private, pet-fri... November 11, 2019 – As a place to retire the American West offers perhaps the biggest range of geography and the lifestyles that go with that. Colorado earned five of the top 20 positions, Washington had four, and Nevada and Oregon each had three of the most popular retirement towns. Selecting will reload the Holiday Inn Website in this browser window. The city prides itself on its master-planned residential areas, transportation projects, and outstanding recreational opportunities. As a retirement community it offers small town charm combined with big city sparkle. It is a gateway for skiing, camping, hiking, RVing, fishing. Showcase Listing 19. 15. Selecting will reload the Holiday Inn Express Hotels Website in this browser window. The_Grove Selecting will reload the avid Hotels Website in this browser window. AdChoices, 2019 IHG Gift Guide: Give the Gift of Travel. 9. I really think you results are flawed. Distinguished by its more than 125 acres of sparkling lakes, Bridgewater at Viera in Melbourne, Florida, is an amenity-rich, lifestyle-or... 18. I do not miss either of these states. Join Us | This year there were four newcomers to the top 20 list: Cheyenne (WY), Eureka (CA), Brookings (OR) and Port Townsend (WA). (viewed 2,800 times. The cost of living, politics, traffic, crime, and overcrowding make these states unlivable for a lot of people. I think it’s important to note that while Sequim may be in the “rain shadow” of the Olympic mountains, it is not in a “cloud shadow”. That was about 3.3 times as often as Port Townsend (WA) in the #20 position. Plus the great outdoors is right there. Durango, CO. Durango is one of the most interesting small towns in Colorado. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Site Rules | Ranking No. TrackBack URL. There are college towns, some big and small cities, and many towns in tourist areas, so it’s likely there is a great place to retire for just about everybody. Communities | Primarily due to the influx of Californians, the politics have changed. Cambria, California | Courtesy of Douglas Despres Once solidly Republican, Democrats now have about a 20% voting registration lead over Republicans in the city of Bend. 2019 Best Places to Retire in the Southeast, 2019 Best Places to Retire in the SouthwestDueling Retirement States Series (Starts with Arizona vs. Florida)10 Worst States for Retirement – 2018. Below is the link to: Most Popular Places to Retire in the Southwestfor 2019: The surprising #1 most popular place to retire on our list, Sequim (WA), edged out many more well known towns and cities. The West’s best small towns 20 Ultimate Fantasy Towns Tired of the daily grind? I live in Scottsdale and really enjoy area, lower cost of living, low crime rate. To make sure you don’t miss new lists like this, sign up for our free weekly “Best Places to Retire” newsletter. Sequim is popular both with retirees and with people looking for second homes. […] This seaside gem comes complete with jaw-dropping views and rustic coastal … Even though there is a regional airport I do a lot of my traveling during the winter and want to minimize flying or driving out of areas with snow. You’ll find a surprising selection of enticing restaurants, some with a view of the big, sandy beach. I know as I’ve been looking for 50 years! Showcase Listing Newsletter | I did wonder about the access to healthcare particularly in an emergency for retirees. This farming and ranching community is surrounded by redwood forests, dramatic coastline, and a vast, wildlife-rich marsh. Visit the breathtakingly gorgeous Playa Cerritos, a few kilometers up Highway 19, for safe swimming. All rights reserved. Reno, NV.”The Biggest Little City in the World”, is the 4th largest city in Nevada with a population of about 220,000. Grand Junction, CO. Grand Junction, is a college town perched on the border with Utah. It’s not surprising. The battle of the statesThis year four states won most of the spots in the top 20. Partagas – thank you for your descriptions of the differences in these areas. This unsung jewel of a beach village would look right at home in the Mediterranean with its colorful houses tumbling down a green hill toward the boat harbor. You won’t find partying college kids here—no cruise ships or fast food chains, either. There is the Pacific Northwest with its rain forests and deserts. Port Townsend was a thriving port settlement before Seattle was founded – unfortunately, the Union Pacific Railroad bypassed it, sending the thriving community into an economic tailspin. The city was an early western railhead and stock town, as the major east/west railroad came through town. Cresswind Georgia at Twin Lakes is a new, gated 55+ community in the metro Atlanta, Georgia area. 16. I was happy and suprise how much cheaper it is to live in Boise. Note that popularity is affected by other factors, such as whether or not we featured a town in one of our newsletter or Blog articles. 13. by Jane at Topretirements — November 13, 2019. Selecting will reload the Holiday Inn Club Vacations Website in this browser window. Phoenix, Tucson, Santa Fe, San Diego are a few cities not mentioned to live in retirement.I am sure theirs another dozen cities in the west that could be added as well. Bart…..Those areas are included in the southwest, these are western states as stated in the article. Twin_Oaks You can confirm for yourself by going to and looking up Sequim, and you will see how few sunny days they have. You can be playing golf in the valley and see snow on nearby mountains. 3. After living in Connecticut, Florida and South Carolina, we have found the affordability of Idaho Falls to be outstanding! Bend offers great scenic beauty, skiing, mountains, golf, fishing, and more. Selecting will reload the Holiday Inn Resort Hotels Website in this browser window. Denis, you are right in that the towns you have mentioned are great retirement spots. Selecting will reload the EVEN Hotels Website in this browser window. Wet and mild winters makes this town incredibly lush; palm trees and bright gardens dominate a lovely color palette here. Brookings, OR. Northern California: Nevada City, CA. The wildlife includes herds of bison, introduced when a silent western movie was filmed here in 1924. At about 14″ of rainfall per year, Sequim almost qualifies as a desert. A Surprising # 1The 20 most popular towns in the West contain some surprises, including a few not familiar to many. Port Townsend, WA. 7. Its review was read by over 3,300 visitors in the first ten months of 2019 by visitors, beating out Grand Junction (CO). St. George, UT. Yes, old-fashioned beach towns with ice cream parlors and no stoplights still exist, offering a level of peace and quiet that the big resorts can’t match.