What is the disadvantage of using impact sockets on a hand wrench? But its the outcome, what you choose to do with Rapture, that really matters. Booker is presumably drowned prior to the actual baptism which separates him from Comstock. This is not, however, the end of the story. When he is killed, he is still in the process of deciding. Why does Lovecraft write that Mount Nansen (approx. So who kills Booker,to stop him from becoming Comstock? It is not long, but it changes your perspective on the end of the game. So, if you know what multiverse theory is, please feel free to skip the indented section and go on to the rest of the game discussion. The combination to get into the tower is, itself, an indication of how many tries had already been attempted. If Comstock never removed Anna, the renegade DeWitt also cannot be possible. I am going to assume that if you read past here you have either finished the game and watched the after credit content, or you want to be fully spoiled about it. Booker is inevitable. How does drowning the player fix anything? By removing the possibility of the paradox, neither the renegade nor the prophet can exist, rewriting what CAN come to pass. Because the ending scene of Booker's death has absolutely nothing to do with time. Thus each possibility seems to imply its own negation - a type of logical paradox. Whenever Elizabeth opens a tear, she is moving to a universe that contains the conditions that she wants or needs at the moment. We all know that Booker became Comstock because in one universe he chose to accept the baptism. Wouldn't Booker accepting his death then lead to a universe where he didn't? The twins failed and the circle keeps going. My preferred explanation is that therefore Booker's Elizabeth and/or the Lutece twins were able to extract the original Booker from the timeline as he died, and give him an existence either outside time and space as theirs were, or shunt him sideways into a reality where he was not able to make his big mistake because Comstock no longer existed. By turning to the left maybe they stopped at the store and bought a lottery ticket that won a million dollars, which they then spent on poor purchases and within a year they had blown it all away and were back to being poor. We only get to play that one 122th time. Rapture will always exist as well no matter what. Why does Chrome need access to Bluetooth? i watched the ending of bioshock and the little scene after the credits and i don't understand if and how he is alive if his daughters drowned him at the lake. There are millions of ways Columbia can turn out but the idea is that Columbia will always exist because that's the inevitable point in Bookers life. Might the one that had lost their money be angered at the one that had it so much better? This is the world we see after the credits. I mistakenly revealed name of new company to HR of current company. Become Comstock or remain as Booker. My brother says we must undo what we have done. Columbia is inevitable. It is up to the player to decide if Booker succeeded in stopping the creation of Columbia by his alternate self, thereby never bringing about the events he went through in the game, or… What if Elizabeth is not there? The game is in a sense maybe apologizing for taking your last and final choice away. Booker's own hand is young and has no AD or bandage wrapping around it. It can therefore only happen one way. We know this because the Booker that Elizabeth drowns is not 16-year-old Booker; it is the Booker that we have been playing as for the entire game. But, since there are infinite Booker-containing universes outside of those that pass through the baptism gate, if Elizabeth kills all Bookers passing through that gate, across all universes where that event happens, Booker may only survive in universes where he made no attempt to be baptized. But if he died, there's no one to kill him, so he doesn't die, so Elizabeth gets born and kills him....now you see the loop? That is easily one of the most important statements in the game.