Do not look for immediate results after applying as it takes time for bone meal to be converted into a form that plants can use. It is used as an organic fertilizer for plants and as a nutritional supplement for animals. Using bone meal for plants has been passed down for generations.. It’s made from ground up animal bones and comes in a granular or powder form. When I did a lot of landscaping as a teenager and in my early 20s, I was using bone meal for almost all of my plantings. At Fruit Set Finally, I add ⅓ cup of organic bone meal and ¼ cup of my homemade tomato fertilizer (see below). It has an alkaline reaction with soil, so avoid applying around acid-loving plants such as azaleas and rhododendrons. Is this a once and done type of fertilizing that can wait until next repot? Features: A powerful source of organic nitrogen (12%) Phosphorus is recognized as one of the primary nutrients responsible for proper root development and the healthy production of flowers and fruit. ¼ cup worm castings or great compost – Our castings are wonderful for this ; 1-2 teaspoons Kelp meal; ¼ teaspoon soft rock phosphate (1tsp per 5 gallons of tea brew) Note: You can alternate with Comfrey, Fish Bone Meal or high P/K Guanos. It’s a great soil additive to have on hand; read more about it here. Brew for no less than 24hrs up to 72hrs max – Use within 4 hours of finishing the brew. I cover these goodies with a little soil and pour in some warm water. If you find that your soil has a pH higher than 7, correct your soil’s pH first before adding bone meal, otherwise the bone meal will not work. Bone meal should be mixed well into the soil to help disperse nutrients. Also, does anyone know if it is possible to fertilize with Blood/Bone Meal through watering like other nutrient solutions? It's suitable for use on most types of flowers, shrubs, roses, fruit and vegetables.Contains slow release nitrogen for greener, healthier foliage and phosphorus for strong, healthy root growth. As a slow-release fertilizer, bone meal is primarily used as a source of phosphorus and protein. Bone meal is a mixture of finely and coarsely ground animal bones and slaughter-house waste products. Flowering and Fruiting Tea Recipe. Bonemeal NPK 3.5 ? Bone meal is a nutrient rich powder made from boiled animal bones that are then pulverized. Blood Meal 12-0-0 is a 100% natural organic source of nitrogen, proteins and trace minerals.Blood meal as a fertilizer p rovides a consistent source of minerals and nutrients for plants that are considered "heavy feeders." Our Bonemeal 1.5kg is an organic plant food which provides the essential nutrients required for plants to develop a strong root system to establish quickly after planting. Bone Meal 2-14-0 offers a natural source of phosphorus and calcium for organic gardens, flowering trees/ shrubs, and ornamental plants. 18 ? Our source of blood meal is derived from 100% Porcine (swine). I'm uncertain of how long these 'slow' release fertilizers will take to disintergrate and no longer benefit my plants. The effectiveness of bone meal phosphorus drops significantly if the pH of the soil is above 7. Before adding bone meal for plants to your garden, have your soil tested.