In fact, it’s one of the most important tools in your kitchen and household, so wouldn’t it follow that the tools it takes to keep your cutlery in perfect working condition are just as important? And a diamond knife sharpener can actually do in minutes what would take hours with a stone. The ceramic stones help create a fine edge and will provide you with years of good service. IMPORTANT: COVID-19 UPDATEToday we're shipping orders for in-stock items placed November 16. Stage 2 - A super-hardened miniature steel that develops a shaving-sharp edge with ultra-sharp microscopic teeth, providing a superior edge "bite". We’re here to serve you, but our customer service staff is very challenged with the current work load and they greatly appreciate your understanding! Mahalo from Hawaii! please help us out by emailing your question instead. Sharpener measures 9-1/2"x 4" x 4". Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Just received the items I ordered! View More Frequently Asked Questions about Chef's Choice Electric Knife Sharpeners, | Middleton WI 53562 | 800-351-8234. Whether you choose manual or electric knife sharpener we have a model to meet your needs, including many diamond hone sharpeners. Many of our sharpeners use a new material, diamond. Hampton, NE 68843, Info|Clearance|Sale|New|Parts|Comparisons. They are not a gimmick like many other sharpeners on the market today. Diamond sharpeners give you the edge you want very quickly, with no risk of ruining the blade. Pleasant Hill Grain, Nebraska USA. Stage 3 - A revolutionary flexible stropping disk that polishes the edge to hair-splitting sharpness. Due to recent overwhelming call volume, our phone response time is now longer than normal. No honing oils or water required. A sharp knife is both safer and more productive. We’re a factory authorized dealer for all of the knife sharpeners seen above and we also carry a wide selection of appliances and cook’s tools including Victorinox cutlery and Kuhn Rikon cutlery and cook's tools. B) Never operate the sharpener from the backside. 210 South 1st Street We greatly appreciate your business and we’re doing our very best to serve you, as Jim C. of California tells. Thank you for the prompt shipping and responses to my inquiries. The Chef’sChoice professional sharpening station 130 eliminates the clutter of ineffective sharpening gadgets and provides in one compact appliance, The ultimate versatility of choosing the preferred edge for any cutting task. After a while sharpening is needed to keep them working up to their potential. It’s easy to use and store! The Edgecraft 464 Pronto knife sharpener is the fastest two stage manual sharpening station on the market. The first is sharpening stones. On a microscopic level, diamond sharpeners have a scalpel-like action rather than the brute scraping action of traditional stone. Sharpen, Steel and Strop your 20 degree class knives like a PRO with the Chef’sChoice® Model 130 professional sharpening station: For professional sharpening, steeling or stropping; all types of 20 degree class knives Sharpens both straight edge and serrated knives Resharpens all types of knives—kitchen, household, Santoku, sports and pocket knives. Engineered and assembled in the USA. This edge helps when c… Your service is outstanding! The Chef's Choice 130 knife sharpener is our most popular model. Built of solid stainless steel, it performs three sharpening techniques: Coarse shaping, sharpening, and honing/polishing. [email protected] The sharpening surfaces are ultra-hard, ensuring that the Brød & Taylor sharpener will last for years. The high precision elastomeric angle at 15 degrees produces a sharp edge every time. Equipped with two sharpening stations, stage one is electric for sharpening while stage two is manual for honing and re-sharpening; it will sharpen straight or serrated blades, kitchen and household cutlery, sport and pocket knives. The 130 comes in a variety of colors that will compliment any décor, making this the perfect option to set on your counter and use at a moment’s notice. Please call us at the number below—we’d love to help you select a knife sharpener that’s perfect for your needs! Surfaces coated with industrial diamond particles allow these sharpeners, for the first time in history, to combine two highly desirable characteristics: Speed and cool operating temperature. Since then, Chef’sChoice sharpeners have become synonymous with unparalleled quality, and premier technology.