Sauté pork in hot oil in a large skillet over medium-high heat 6 minutes. Scatter pine nuts on top and chopped parsley. Place pork in a 7-qt. To make this in a crockpot, follow step 1 to brown the meat then transfer the meat and the rest of the ingredients (with the exception of the green onions, cilantro and lime) to the crockpot and stir.Cook covered on low for about 6 to 8 hours or until the meat is tender. Pressure cooker. Other Cooking Options Crock pot. Also known as "Caldillo," this Mexican Beef Stew is rich and spicy with the delicious flavors of Mexico. Though it's not strictly southern, I would definitely say that these kinds of "Tex-Mex" recipes have been influenced by their Texan (certainly southern) places of origin. slow cooker. Add the chocolate to the stew liquid and simmer for another 30 minutes and season with the salt and pepper to taste. I have a really delicious recipe for you today. Stir onion, next 8 ingredients, and 2 cups stock into slow cooker with pork. Add one tablespoon of the stew liquid to the chocolate and then stir and then add another 3-4 tablespoons until the chocolate has incorporated the liquid well without seizing. From a creamy white chocolate-spiked baba ghannouj to a beef and bean chili that calls on three different types of chocolate, these 12 savory recipes will make you see chocolate in a whole new light.