Q: Can I play multiple accounts on a single device? They are still robot puppets though and nothing ever really gets done I feel. Login to Game Center on your new device and the game will ask if you want to load your village on the new device. Take a look at some of the benefits when you choose us to buy a TH10 account from us: I once contacted them and in the end they did resolve my issue but getting there was a pain in the ass. A: If you can access the game, it is strongly suggested that you use the in-game feature "Send Feedback" to contact our support. Btw, while you can always contact them in game, you can also contact them here: https://supercell.helpshift.com/a/clash-of-clans/?p=web&contact=1. I happen to work in IT and do some support work, so do my best to provide as much detail as I can, while determining that my query is logical (not emotional though that doesn't always work for me lol) and most importantly considering that on first contact I'm talking to a tier 1 support person. Q: Can I continue my game on a new device? ASK. If they mark your questions as "spam" you'll likely get looked at slower if at all. An algorithm analyses the context of the chat to determine how serious it is. What can I do? Plan every battle carefully and try to use the right number and right type of troops. But I admit after getting 5 dumb responses in a row I send a troll message or two. Then quit and restart the game. The more serious the higher the priority assigned. If all else fails, please contact customer support via the In-App reporting form and they'll get back to you as soon as possible! Throwing all your troops into combat without considering the cost versus benefit can lead to a Pyrrhic victory, where you end up spending more resources than you gained. They did it, but it look a bunch of verification and a couple weeks to complete. If you cannot enter the game, please email our support directly and provide them with your Game Center name and/or Facebook profile link, in-game name and also which clan you belong to (if you belong to one). Press the Google+ sign in button to connect your village to Google+. Your gems should be credited to you. Here we provide Tournaments, Recruiting, Base Links, Media Content, and everything related to COC. To optimize your attack strategies learn about how each unit works on the Barracks' Troop Training screen. Welcome to the subreddit dedicated to the smartphone game Clash of Clans! If not, you will need to contact Supercell support. Q: How do I connect my village to Google+? →General Pretty bad. I admit the support guys answer a lot faster now as to when the game first came out. Over the years a lot of us have contacted support for various reasons: complaints, ideas, account recovery, reporting others, technical issues, etc. One was a X mas tree on the edge. it just disappeared, it was a holiday one so I wanted it back, they could not help me and insisted that I deleted it or was seeing things. On the other hand, Supercell somehow optimized CoC for iPhone X wayyyyyyy before Google did for Inbox. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. A: Once deployed on the battlefield, your troops are autonomous and cannot be controlled. You can contact support at: [email protected] (Android only) or [email protected] Maintenance breaks are a pretty regular thing for server-based games like Clash and generally last 15 minutes to 4 hours! Ugly. Hey all! A: Android devices use google+ instead of GameCenter. Its Free! A: Make sure that your device is set to allow in-app purchases. Support / Contact Us / Question; How to contact us. ASK. You can find this in the settings menu! One was a payment issue, others were just support question regarding acc transfer to another device (before sc id) etc. Sorry to be positive as the Internet is much better when it’s salty but I really haven’t had any issues..., New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the ClashOfClans community. 26. I really can’t fault them. (I do!) Q: What is a maintenance break and why does clash of Clans have them? Still get same feedback so I guess I’m not hated by support yet.... lol yet. Different units will attack according to their capabilities and preferred targets. What's your experience been like? , i have contacted them several time and they were OK. the only thing i hate about their support is that they take over 12 hours to respond especially in account recovery issues. Join any Clash Champ tourney! The next person puts more time into looking at the issue, often taking more time to reply after the initial response but also being able to provide me with what I need. A: Clash of Clans supports only one account per device. A: To connect your village to Google+, open the Google+ app on your device and make sure you are logged in. Our customers love the quality of our products and the first-class customer service we provide. A: After combat, all troops still on the battlefield turn back into Elixir and soak into the earth. If you did have your game linked to GameCenter, then simply log in to your old account and open up Clash of Clans. Weren't helpful anytime. Think of your troops as resources to be spent wisely. If you've contacted them multiple times over the years do you see any difference? Twice about a racist clan name on global and once about a guy with a Swastika Base. Posted by. I contacted about 18 months ago. Ive contacted them many times. Close. Remember that the only way to transfer your account to a new device is to have it linked to a Game Center account. So, if I'm giving feedback then they're great. I tried using the in-game support method, but it kept crashing. Clash Champs is the Premier Clash of Clans News Hub. I’ve sent many real support tickets. I try my best to provide as much detail as possible. What can I do? Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, https://supercell.helpshift.com/a/clash-of-clans/?p=web&contact=1. Q: How can I contact support to get assistance? Q: Can I reset the game and start again from the beginning? Just brush it over and wish me luck. A: Yes you can. Go to Settings If you do so, please do not edit the subject-line as it contains your player ID. Once I finally managed to get through, the support was decent. now its more like a dayish. They got me moved over in reasonable time, especially since I figured I was hosed. If they don't, try restarting the game. Q: What happened to the troops that survived the battles? Also check defensive turrets' info as well to learn which units they target. However, you can start a new game on any device that doesn't have a previous game of Clash of Clans on it. →Restrictions and check that In-App Purchases is set to ON. A box will popup instructing you to input and change your in-game name, and again, this warns you that you can only change your name once. (If sharing experiences please let us know about when this was...recent, Sept 2017, 2 years ago, yesterday?). They always will post on Twitter, Facebook and Supercell's Forums with as much advance notice as possible! I don't get the feeling they even read the message... just respond with a boiler-plate reply that was based on some keyword matching from your initial support request. It should prompt you to restore your old village. How does their support for CoC compare to their support from other games? The easiest way is to search by keyword, or browse by category. The third time they dealt with the issue within 5 minutes again and were superb. Finally gave up as I didn’t think my time was worth the effort. Also make sure your wifi/hotspot is working correctly. You’ll only be able to change your name in Clash of Clans once, and this only becomes an option once your Town Hall reaches level 5. [Ask] Supercell Customer Support for Clash of Clans: Good, Bad, or Ugly? it used to be a week before you'd see a response sometimes. Most times though it feels the person had done telemarketing all their life and is just salty as fuck and I don’t like the response “Oh this is such a great idea! The responses are slow and generally unintelligent. It starts when one or more people report you in-game. Fast, friendly and personalised. They're supporting a game they haven't/don't play. Second was switching my main account and secondary account around on iOS. Every single time they do that for me. If you cannot enter the game, please email our support directly and provide them with your Game Center name and/or Facebook profile link, in-game name and also which clan you belong to (if you belong to one).