0. Play. Students and parents can download free a collection of Next Question. It will track your correct answers, incorrect answers and score as a percentage. … Collective Nouns Quiz. This quiz is incomplete! COLLECTIVE NOUNS Collective nouns are words used to describe a group of nouns. Played 3591 times. Save. Prepare them to get excited about learning as they move to harder topics. Complete each sentence by choosing the correct collective noun from the box at the bottom of the page. Finish Editing. For example, 52 cards would be known as a deck of cards. Practice. 2nd - 4th grade . Use the Next Question button to skip a question. Delete Quiz. The whole group is one unit even though you could count the individual members of the group. In each blank … Some of the worksheets for this concept are Collective nouns work a, Collective nouns 1, Collective nouns work, Using collective nouns work, Collective nouns work, Collective nouns are words used to describe a group of, Using collective nouns, Collective nouns work d. Found worksheet you are looking for? Print; Share; Edit; Delete; Host a game. All night we could hear the _____ of wolves howling. In this quiz we take a look at another type of noun known as the collective noun. Solo Practice. by schlectaa. Displaying top 8 worksheets found for - Collective Noun For Grade 4. Download free printable worksheets English pdf of CBSE and kendriya vidyalaya Schools as per latest syllabus in pdf, CBSE Class 3 English Practice Worksheets (13)-Collective Nouns. Reset. COLLECTIVE NOUNS squad flock crew company team orchard Compound Nouns A compound noun is made up of two or more words. For example, we can describe bananas as a BUNCH of bananas; describe thugs as a GANG of thugs; describe actors as a CAST of actors; describe cards as a PACK of cards and describe cricketers as a TEAM or … Edit. 1. Revision worksheets, Sample papers, Question banks and easy to learn study notes for all classes and subjects based on CBSE and CCE guidelines. Give it a try & have some FUN! 0. The whole group is one unit even though you could count the individual members of the group. Swimming in the shallow water was a _____ of herrings. Edit. Collective Nouns DRAFT. This quiz is incomplete! 14.1 Nouns (Collective and Compound Nouns) • Practice 1 Collective Nouns A collective noun is a noun that names a group of individual people or things. Share practice link. To play this quiz, please finish editing it. COMPOUND NOUNS workshop Getty Museum ice age father-in-law Exercise 1 Recognizing Collective Nouns. 74% average accuracy. Test your student's knowledge of ela with Turtle Diary's Identifying Collective Nouns Part 3 quiz. A _____ of sheep was happily grazing in the field. … To play this quiz, please finish editing it. Collective nouns are names for a collection or a number of people or things. A collective noun names a group of people, animals, or things. Here is most important 100 examples of collective nouns; 1.a heap of rubbish 2.a hedge of bushes 3.a library of books 4.an outfit of clothes 5.an orchard of fruit trees 6.a pack of cards 7.a packet of letters 8.a pair of shoes 9.a quiver of arrows 10.a range of mountains 11.a ream of paper 12.a reel of film 13.a set of clubs 14.a sheaf of … 3. 0.0%. 3 years ago. Homework. English. Live Game Live. Below is a 3 column fast-sorting table of collective nouns with a … Below is a simple quiz to test your knowledge of collective nouns. Can you get 3 in a row? A collective noun takes a singular verb. As the name suggests, a collective noun is a word that describes a group of things, places, objects, people or animals. To download/print, click on pop … The "List" below... FOURTH-GRADE 20. 5. 5. 2.