When looking for the correct style of resealable bags for you, there are several things to consider. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Our experts can help determine which custom zipper bags are best suited for your specific needs. Depending on your industry and application, the resealable bags may simply be used for protection while in the warehouse or your resealable bags could be designed and decorated in order to help sell your product on store shelves. We specialize in unique types of custom reclosable plastic bags, including: At American Plastics Company we provide all types of custom reclosable plastic zipper bags for your project needs. Customized Recloslable Bags These factory direct resealable-polypropylene bags are sturdy, FDA compliant and moisture and grease resistant. From Juice, to baby food, this pouch is gaining popularity due to the cost savings of spout pouches over other liquid packaging. Let's discuss what poly bags are and why many brands use them. Square Bottom Pouch are a older configuration of pouch, still popular with the coffee industry, and many others. We serve companies large and small, including the following industries: American Plastics Company offers top quality reclosable zippered bags at a great price. For in-stock items, visit our sister company: Clear or White Block reclosable plastic bags, Printed or unprinted reclosable plastic bags, Appropriate for many different packaging uses, Great for items that need to be kept fresh, Wide range of sizes, styles, and closures. Fully custom printed and laminated resealable bags. These bags are outfitted with a bottom gusset, that when deployed, allows the pouch to “stand up” on a shelf in a store. The top of the pouch (above the zipper) is pre-sealed during the pouch creation. It is available both as a finished pouch and a fin seal tubing ready configuration. Shop our stock barrier bags. Let our highly skilled team help you with all your custom resealable plastic bag needs. As with everything that is resealable, resealable bags are are a great form of packaging that guarantees stored products safe from outside components, keeps food … Working with an experienced resealable bag manufacturer will enable you to purchase  a resealable bag that fulfills every one of your prerequisites and fits  every one of the requirements  you need. Powder zippers are design to not be as easily clogged by powders like flour. We have the one of a kind capacity to custom print both small  and large  amounts of resealable bags for food products  and packaging. We are the best source for custom plastic products, including poly bags, poly film, and poly sheeting. Whatever your application and need might be, finding the right resealable bag manufacturer is the difference between receiving an average solution and receiving the perfect, specially crafted resealable bag for your application. We work with you to create packaging with your design for your product. We handle the design, prototyping, sampling, manufacturing and delivery of resealable bags to the final destination. Continuous flexible Barrier Tubing of any width from 1″ wide to 36″. A Fin Seal Pouch also known as “Fold-over Seam”, is where both interior edges of the film are sealed together and then the fin is folded over. Zipper packs have consistently been related with the food packaging industry, because they are one of the best ways to quickly wrap and unwrap any type of food, while also keeping it fresh for longer. Before K-style or Doyen Stand Up Pouches, the only game around was Square Bottoms. Most resealable bags utilize a zipper function to maintain an air tight seal and allow the bag to be re-sealed while the end consumer is using up the product inside the bag. Maybe the most significant thing to understand  is their use  and the necessities that accompany that use. We're here to help you to create the perfect custom printed poly bags. In addition, we have a full-line of resealable bags prepared for prompt shipment. We can customize a plastic reclosable zip bag to fit your exact needs. Wide Flange zipper provide more enforced grab area for thin materials. Just choose your size, bag style and send us your art. They’re great for businesses because packaging takes less time and the zipper bags help to inhibit  decay. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website.