A. User-level metadata. B. DBZ. c. representing data. C. Informix. translational engineering. _____ is the specialized data warehouse database. ANSWER: B 10. Q79) Multiple Choice Questions. 2. 6. b. deducing relationships in data. c. training data. Question: Data Used To Build A Data Mining Model Is Called_____ A. Validation Data B. A. Oracle. In fact, while understanding, new business requirements may be raised because of data mining. 41. ANSWER: D 11. Data Mining MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz. Results generated by the data mining model should be evaluated against the business objectives. reengineering. super key. D. Relational data base servers. Data used to build a data mining model is called_____ a. validation data. The problem of finding hidden structure in unlabeled data is called… A. The main model definition concepts, such as Cases, Keys, Column Data and Content Types, Usage, Discretization and so on, have been introduced in another module of this course, Data Mining Concepts and Tools, please make sure to follow it, if you are new to data mining. The various aspects of data mining methodologies is/are ..... i) Mining various and new kinds of knowledge Data mining is best described as the process of a. identifying patterns in data. representational engineering. Supervised learning C. Reinforcement learning Ans: B. D. Redbrick. This problem has been solved! DATA MINING Multiple Choice Questions and Answers :-1. B) Data Classification 8. See the answer. d. simulating trends in data. Test Data C. Training Data D. Exploration Data. 12. Data used to build a data mining model. _____defines the structure of the data held in operational databases and used by operational applications. d. exploration data . As there are several ways to build models, we briefly discuss the merits of using SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT), … A. Gaining business understanding is an iterative process. Please choose the best answer for the following questions:- 1. Data warehouse database servers. Task of inferring a model from labeled training data is called A. Unsupervised learning B. candidate key. A go or no-go decision is taken to move the model in the deployment phase. The set of attribute in a database that refers to data in another table is called . In a data mining task where it is not clear what type of patterns could be interesting, the data mining system should Select one: a. allow interaction with the user to guide the mining process b. perform both descriptive and predictive tasks c. perform all possible data mining tasks d. handle different granularities of data and patterns Show Answer Data Mining Multiple Choice Questions and Answers. A warehouse architect is trying to determine what data must be included in the warehouse. 3. B. 2. Translation of problem to learning technique is called as . foreign key. learning algorithm. 42. Data modeling technique used for data marts is (a) Dimensional modeling (b) ER – model (c) Extended ER – model (d) Physical model (e) Logical model. Supervised learning B. Unsupervised learning C. Reinforcement learning Ans: B. Data mining database servers. ..... is the process of finding a model that describes and distinguishes data classes or concepts. B. b. test data. primary key. C. Data mart database servers. Strategic value of data mining is ..... C) time-sensitive 7.