no you just need the weapons fully upgraded. 14. Go back to the save station and repeat the process.This strategy works out very well in your first playthrough. 4. It has been processing it for about 6 hours. 8 but I will remember this glith, I hope works =). Nice find man, I'm not at chapter 14 right now, but as soon as I reach it, I will try your glitch! If you are just going for the achievements first run through respec your rig and stasis to get 30 nodes back. Once you've saved your game, you can just use "Checkpoint Restart" and it will load that save, as it is your most recent save point. In Chapter 7, in the room where you need to use a power node to open it (only one in the chapter, next to the save port). Back track to the anti-gravity area (most of time you can go directly to the room). Instead of exiting to the menu to reload the save point, some have confirmed you can choose "Restart Checkpoint" after saving. Save at Save Station after the anti-gravity section on Chapter 14. It always goes back to the better loot. Good find!!! It appeared to be infinite. By continuing past this page, you agree to abide by the Terms of Service. I eventually continued on because I wanted to finish the game. I hit continue instead of load game when it started working again. Youtube is still processing the video. Open up the locked door that requires 1 power node before you get to the last save station in this chapter. This is the room that required a power node to open. Once you get back to the anti-gravity area, go back through the last two doors and go into the room on your right. I guess I would need at least another 50 to 100 more nodes to fully upgrade everything. Unlimited Power Nodes glitch Ch14 ***SPOILER ALERT****. Title above door: 6: Secure Storage, Power Node Access Only ** UPDATE 2/1: You should be able to collect the items from this room **. Yup, I got the achievement by using the glitch. By Go back to Save Station and save the game. quick question. Xbox Achievements is not affiliated with Microsoft or Xbox, it is owned and run by Resero Network Ltd. All other registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners. ... YouTube - Dead space 2 Power Node Glitch: Last edited by jpric18; 02-01-2011 at 06:40 PM. After you pass the anti gravity section, you go through two doors and on your right will be a door requiring a power node for access. I have my rig and stasis filled with all the nodes and my plasma cutter is 4 away from being filled. Shortly after sticking your eye with needle, you'll be chased by the necromorph that doesn't die. [ame=]YouTube - Dead space 2 Power Node Glitch[/ame]. This is room that replenishing the items. Unlock the door with a power node. 5. Doing this has reset the 2 power nodes for me. Go back to this room and this time there should be power nodes and a semiconductor inside. I'm sure glad that they give you a little breather from the non-killable necromorph to do all of this. When you first unlock this room on Ch. I'm at Chp. Inside this room is where I find either 2 power nodes, 1 ruby semiconductor, and/or 3k credit. I went back after I re-loaded the save and it only gave me credits. This was done on normal difficulty and the room that replenishes the items requires a power node for access. I'm gearing up for either an Zealot or Hard Core run my next time through. NOTE: if you start finding only credits in the room, try going all the way back to the switch in the antigravity area, then go to the room. Thanks for posting that you hit continue, pearson! It can be done in chapter 14. I was able to get the 4 fully upgraded weapon achievement on my first play through. It only carries over in a new game + and you can only go as high as zealot in new game +. I did what you said, went back out to the platform and then went back in, and still no nodes. For the fully load weapon achievement do i have to have the rig and stasis also upgraded? It figures that it wouldn't carry over to Hard Core! will put it in my guide whenever it deceeds to finish processing. But continue instead of load popped it right back for me. So if everything carries over, then I won't have to worry building everything up again. So you have your favorite weapons fully upgraded when starting the next playthrough with harder difficulty settings.It will also help you getting the following trophies: The Electrician, Fully Loaded, Picking Favorites, Fully OutfittedSUBSCRIBE: Me:http://www.powerpyx.com Me:[email protected]~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ EDIT EDIT: Okay, it's working for me again. jpric18, Hardcore you need to start from scratch. For Dead Space 2 on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "chapter 14 node glitch ? Yes, seeing as even with the "power node respec" after getting the fully upgraded rig and stasis achievement which gives you all your nodes back, it still isnt possible to get fully loaded in one playthrough. What I did was when I got into the room I got all of the items there except the stasis (had no more room for it in my inventory). Some have confirmed this works in other power node rooms, please see thread and youtube comments for more details. ". Youtube is still processing the video. 6. EDIT: Well, it was fun while it lasted, everything was going fine, got up to 10 nodes and it doesn't give them to me anymore. 4. Then save your data, quiet and reload. I was stuck getting a ton of credits, even went all the way across the antigravity to the start and still kept getting the creds. It has been processing it for about 6 hours. Dead Space 2 - Infinite Power Nodes & Semiconductors Glitch Steps (read description above to locate starting point): 1. 2. Save at Save Station after the anti-gravity section on Chapter 14. So I grabbed the money and went back to re-save and now, it only gives me credits. January 26, 2011 in Dead Space 2. Been using this this evening to stock up for a harder level run, and I've got a few notes: 1) I've yet to have it get "stuck" on just giving cash.