Map and trends data. "covid-map-txt-table-header-name": "Location", "covid-map-txt-data-sources": "Data sources", Fatality rate is the proportion of people who die of those who tested positive for COVID-19. "covid-map-txt-state-WV": "West Virginia", If you are sick or you've been exposed to the coronavirus, stay home except to get medical care. Trend Line. ", "covid-map-txt-state-SD": "South Dakota", "covid-map-txt-state-PR": "Puerto Rico", "covid-map-txt-state-NJ": "New Jersey", "covid-map-txt-table-lang-zeroRecords": "No matching results found", Total cases are the cumulative number of cases in any given area, including probable cases and cases confirmed by testing. New cases per day Total cases. "covid-map-txt-state-MD": "Maryland", It is also more widely used by other states and the Federal government, and is therefore useful to compare Delaware to other jurisdictions. "covid-map-txt-state-GA": "Georgia", "covid-map-txt-nccs": "Total cases", ... (ILI) and COVID-19-Like Illness (CLI) by Week. State Agencies ", ", "covid-map-txt-trds-desc": "Individuals who have recovered from COVID-19. "covid-map-txt-npps-desc": "Total cases are the cumulative number of COVID-19 cases, including probable cases and cases confirmed by testing. "covid-map-txt-dncs-desc": "New cases per day are the number of COVID-19 cases reported in the previous 24 hours. "covid-map-txt-tprs": "Positive test rate", "covid-map-txt-state-CT": "Connecticut", ", Contact your primary health care provider if you have concerns about symptoms, particularly those with fever and coughing or shortness of breath. "covid-map-txt-state-ID": "Idaho", "covid-map-txt-state-VI": "U.S. Virgin Islands", Please try again. "covid-map-txt-state-MP": "Northern Mariana Islands", "covid-map-txt-npps": "Total cases", Definitions vary by state / territory. Transparency New Hospital Admissions ... rates. Follow global cases and trends. Reports are published daily and reflect requests for directions. Delaware Covid Map and Case Count. }, Delaware Coronavirus Map: Tracking the Trends, higher risk of serious illness from the virus, holiday shopping do's and don'ts during COVID-19. © 1998-2020 Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research (MFMER). See the testing plan. "covid-map-txt-state-AL": "Alabama", "covid-map-txt-state-DC": "Washington, D.C.", Delaware Courts "covid-map-txt-state-OR": "Oregon", "covid-map-txt-state-RI": "Rhode Island", Certain businesses can increase their capacity to … Delaware Marketplace "covid-map-txt-state-OK": "Oklahoma", Mayo Clinic is committed to continuous improvements in our data model so you can make safe decisions to reduce your risk of infection. The safest way to celebrate the upcoming holiday season is to plan for virtual events or limit in-person festivities to those in your household. Please visit or Subscribe to the RSS, Delaware's Governor Avoid indoor house parties – even outdoor ones if you’re not staying 6 ft apart and masked up! Delaware State Code ", "covid-map-txt-nccs-desc": "Total cases are the cumulative number of COVID-19 cases, including probable cases and cases confirmed by testing. "covid-map-txt-npps-b2": "Per 100,000 people", "covid-map-txt-table-lang-info": "Showing _START_ to _END_ of _TOTAL_ results", "covid-map-txt-us-name": "United States", self-assessment tool. "covid-map-txt-table-lang-infoFiltered": "(filtered from _MAX_ total entries)", Please try again. "covid-map-txt-state-GU": "Guam", Learn more about Delaware’s draft vaccine plan that was submitted to the CDC. State Regulations ", "covid-map-txt-state-PA": "Pennsylvania", New cases are the number of COVID-19 cases reported in the previous 24 hours. Interactive tools, including maps, epidemic curves and other charts and graphics, with downloadable data, allow users to track and explore the latest trends, numbers and statistics at global, regional and country levels. Business First Steps, Phone Directory Hospitalization data from the Covid Tracking Project; 14-day change trends use 7-day averages. "covid-map-txt-state-IL": "Illinois", "covid-map-txt-state-TN": "Tennessee", General Assembly Corporations "covid-map-txt-table-header-date": "Date", "covid-map-txt-state-MO": "Missouri", New Hospital Admissions ... rates. "covid-map-txt-state-WY": "Wyoming" Any use of this site constitutes your agreement to the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy linked below. "covid-map-txt-state-NE": "Nebraska", "covid-map-txt-state-IN": "Indiana", Choose a location. "covid-map-txt-state-ND": "North Dakota", Last update: 22:19 08-05-2020 Before looking at … This content does not have an Arabic version. Mobile Apps Privacy Policy Personal Income Tax "covid-map-txt-state-SC": "South Carolina", "covid-map-txt-dtrs": "Fatality rate", Withholding Tax "covid-map-txt-state-LA": "Louisiana", ", "covid-map-txt-state-KY": "Kentucky", Elected Officials Social Media, Built by the Government Information Center E-mail / Text Alerts "covid-map-txt-table-lang-search": "Search", Individuals with general questions about coronavirus can call 2-1-1 or text your ZIP code to 898-211 for deaf or hard of hearing. "covid-map-txt-state-AR": "Arkansas", Voting & Elections "covid-map-txt-state-WA": "Washington", "covid-map-txt-ttrs": "Total tests", Gross Receipts Tax "covid-map-txt-select-state": "Choose a location", Trends: State of Delaware over the Last 14 Days. "covid-map-txt-state-CO": "Colorado", "covid-map-txt-dpps-desc": "New cases are the number of COVID-19 cases reported in the previous 24 hours. To help travel brands adapt to this fast-changing environment, we created the ADARA Traveler Trends Tracker, which taps into our real-time travel data to track travel-related consumer behavior and identify key trends.We will update this data frequently. For those with specific health-related questions, email us at [email protected] You may wish to create a social bubble. Locations Directory Learn more about coronavirus "covid-map-txt-ttrs-desc": "Currently computed by adding positive and negative values to work around reporting lags between positives and total tests and because some states do not report totals. "covid-map-txt-state-AZ": "Arizona", "covid-map-txt-tprs-desc": "Positive test rate is the percentage of coronavirus tests that are positive for the virus out of the total coronavirus tests performed to date. The State of Delaware released its testing plan on July 13, 2020. Welcome to the ADARA COVID-19 Resource Center. Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, many testing sites are closed or changing their hours. Introduction. Data is compiled from USAFacts and The COVID Tracking Project. "covid-map-txt-state-KS": "Kansas", That includes the number of people you interact with, as well as how close you get and how much time you spend.