We have all grades available including … Add Free Sample to Cart ON SALE! Business Hours: Also features a 9-ply baltic birch core for maximum stability. Our Slowcraft™ production process allows our craftsmen to closely monitor the production of our engineered White Oak wood flooring. When you’re interested in white oak hardwood flooring for your residence or commercial setting, you have many choices for colors, textures and finishes. We have all grades available including Select & Better, #1 Common, and Character. Unfinished Engineered White Oak Our Products Our hardwood flooring broad product line gives flooring contractors and decision makers the ability to choose the species, grade, color, gloss level and dimensions that best meet their desired look and price point. To an untrained eye, red oak and white oak might look quite similar, but if you look … While most commercial engineered floors use 3 to 5 layers of backing, Carlisle provides up 9 to 11 layers, depending on the overall thickness of the board. We are your source for Unfinished Solid White Oak Hardwood Flooring. Enter your e-mail address to sign up for our Newsletter. Shop our selection of Unfinished Engineered White Oak Hardwood Flooring. Download Our Complimentary Flooring Catalog. Our design consultants and customer service team will walk with you every step of the journey to ensure that every detail is perfect and that you are thrilled with your engineered White Oak wood flooring. Simply mix 1 or 2 ounces of vinegar with 2 gallons of water – the natural acidity in the vinegar helps to clean away dirt and contaminants. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. With more than 50 years’ experience designing and crafting wide plank floors, we have perfected the handcrafted manufacturing process to ensure that every installation is smooth and easy. • Our floors are thicker and stronger. Our engineered White Oak floors may be installed in a parquet pattern like a Chevron or Herringbone to lend additional elegance to your room. Vinegar and water is an excellent option that is safe both for the floor and for the environment. An engineered floor is typically installed in rooms that are below ground level or in environments that typically experience slightly higher levels of relative humidity. Each Carlisle engineered floor can be sanded and refinished up to three times over the life of the floor – the same as with any solid hardwood floor. • Our floors last longer. Browse our Catalog to see and learn about the beauty, quality and craftsmanship of a Carlisle floor. Engineered flooring is ideal for minimizing expansion and contraction through a relatively moderate range of relative humidity, 30-55%. One caveat – engineered floors are inevitably new floors; If you’re interested in reclaimed white oak flooring, you’ll need to look at solid wood floor options. sale! Wide plank engineered White Oak wood flooring is an engineered floor with a White Oak veneer that comes in planks up to 10” wide and up to 12’ long. That means a wide plank floor has a fraction of the seams of a commercial floor, creating a more harmonious and less busy look. Additionally, the top layer or “wear layer” on a Carlisle engineered floor is thicker as well, lending greater durability and longevity to the floor. With hundreds of options to choose from you are sure to find the unfinished white oak floor you are looking for at a wholesale price. • We use a slow production process. Refinish as many times as solid hardwood flooring. Absolutely. thick x 7 in. Since 1966, the Carlisle name has represented leadership and innovation in hardwood flooring and our 50 years of experience enables us to create masterpieces in wood that are the genuine reflection of each owner’s personality and style. We offer high quality white oak flooring sourced from the finest mills in America. A wide plank floor also allows the grain patterns in the wood to be more present and visible, enabling the personality of the hardwood to show through. If you are looking for engineered Rift and Quartered White Oak wood flooring we have it. 15 Species Available in all Lengths and Options, Choose from 3 unique sizes featuring beautiful colors, Long Lengths, and Wide Widths. And our prefinished wood floors help save time during installation because there is no sanding, staining or finishing required on-site. Please call for a quote on anything you need but do not see online, Hurst Hardwoods can provide it. An engineered floor is one in which each board is made up of multiple layers of material, rather than a single piece of solid hardwood. And we use up to 11 layers of Baltic Birch hardwood as backing material, compared to the 3 to 5 layers of softer plywood or fiberboard that are used in our competitors’ products. 3/4 x 5 Character White Oak Solid Hardwood Flooring. 3/4" engineered is also available, call for pricing. White oak’s reputation, though, begins in forests and fields throughout the eastern third of the United States where the tree is highly esteemed for its beauty and stately eminence. Swirling, Golden Sapwood Patterns White oak, along with its sibling red oak, are the most popular species for hardwood flooring in North America. Grandeur European White Oak Crystal 5/8 in. $5.59/SFT. Our engineered options come in both unfinished white oak flooring and prefinished white oak flooring, and the veneer on our engineered floors may be made from quartersawn white oak or rift sawn white oak for a more consistent and uniform appearance in the grain pattern. The biggest reason to select Carlisle for crafting your engineered White Oak wood flooring is simple: the quality of our products and customer service is unsurpassed in the industry. ON SALE! Shop our selection of Unfinished Engineered White Oak Hardwood Flooring. Installation of engineered White Oak wood flooring is no different than installation of our solid flooring options. Our engineered floors are typically 3/4” thick, while other commercial engineered floors are 1/4” or 1/2″ thick. Handcrafted Luxury Wood Flooring, Made in America. Mon-Fri 8-5 PM, Sat 9-1 PM (EST), ©2020 Hurst Hardwoods. Our 5/8" thick unfinished engineered wood floors have a 4mm wear layer which can be sanded 2 or 3 times. While most commercial engineered flooring may use a plywood with only 3-5 layers or fiberboard for backing, Carlisle engineered White Oak wood flooring uses Baltic Birch hardwood to create 11 layers of plywood which results in a more durable engineered floor. Talk with us today about your project. In the case of engineered White Oak wood flooring, each plank has a veneer of White Oak hardwood on top of multiple layers of a backing material that are glued together to form a strong core. Herringbone is also available. An engineered floor is one in which each board is made up of multiple layers of material, rather than a single piece of solid hardwood. Wide x Varying Length Engineered Hardwood Flooring (25 sq. Sku:10049636 As Low As $6.59/SFT. Our 5/8" thick unfinished engineered floors have a 4mm wear layer which can be sanded 2 or 3 times. You can clean an engineered floor the same as you would any solid hardwood floor. One of the most important decisions is whether to use solid or engineered White Oak wood flooring. With many options to choose from you are sure to find the unfinished White Oak … We use a thicker top layer so that our engineered floors will last as long as our solid wood floors, while our competitors use thinner top players that may have a shorter lifespan. We also provide wide widths and long length options at an affordable price. All of our unfinished hardwood flooring is kiln dried and manufactured to the highest specifications. A wide plank floor from Carlisle uses boards that are 8” to 20” wide, and up to 12’ long.