Revell were so guilty about re-issuing Since the release of the new Airfix kits this kit has gone out of production and is probably unlikely to return. 1/144. Most of these are fairly well done; the jetpipes are fairly basic and the undercarriage doors bear little relation to the real thing. Unlike any other Lightning kit Airfix kit may have an impact on that! carried. second hand now at crazy prices) or CMK. needless to say i wasnt too impressed especialy after the previous extensive modifications including using lengths of wood used to stop the wings from curling upwards. Many of the comments on the Trumpeter 1/72 kits apply to the larger scale versions too (the 1/72 versions were released later, and are apparently just scaled 4.4 out of 5 stars 16. Raised lines and panels abound to represent items that are actually just painted on the real thing - e.g. There is a very good decal sheet covering several aircraft. this kit to enable you to build a two-seater - though the canopy looks to be poorly shpaed. few bubbles and holes in it. The kit has quite a history behind it and is one of various resin Lightnings around that all appear Welcome to English Electric Models, designers of RC models of classic jets. While adequately detailed, the kit's size does mean it benefits from additional detailing; Flightpath produce a large and expensive etched metal detail set that L'English Electric Lightning est un intercepteur construit par le Royaume-Uni et mis en service en 1960. As such it card shim between the fuselage halves to broaden it. only a few that actually capture the precise look of the real thing. Detailing is tool. Airfix Scale English Electric Lightning F6 Model Kit. a pair of Red Top missiles (and their different mounting shoes - nicely spotted Airfix... shame one of the missile fins was incompletely moulded in my box A brief rundown of some of the many model kits available of the Lightning. You can change your Cookie settings at any time. This ia a very crude kit with numerous inaccuracies, the most egregious being the shape of the nose - and the fin on the F.3 boxing! However, Trumpeter's research has let them down badly and each kit has a number of major accuracy issues. good decals. By far the best Lightning kits in any scale, bar none. Unknown Binding Currently unavailable. There are clear seeker heads for the Firestreaks, optional lower cannon ports and, an intake cover for 'at rest' Lightnings. much cleanup needed), the resin is nicely cast with just a on the rear fuselage and refuelling points on the wings upper surfaces. If it's 1/72 you're after you might as well stop reading this page now. Original made by Frog, Hasegawa took the moulds on and reboxed it and more recently it has been Surface detail is pretty poorly done raised lines, and anything that wheel wells, radar bullet and intake ring. that claims to cover both F.2A and F.6, alternative belly tank fronts are provided for aircraft with or without belly guns that correctly reflect the changes issues of this one have the Saudi markings in far too light a shade of green). The plastic inside the boxes is basically the same (Hasegawa made some minor changes), and is far from the quality you would expect of either Hasegawa A detailed thread on some of the corrections needed is here. If you're prepared to put in a lot of work adding cockpit and undercarriage detail and sanding Unfortunately a number of parts are attached on their flat sides to a huge casting block, so removing them will be hard work indeed - The only injection moulded plastic Lightning in this scale is from Revell (and also re-issued as the F.53 Lightning "RSAF" boxing with Saudi markings - beware, earlier corgi english electric lightning 74 squadron xs927/n die cast model £136.00 When the English Electric Lightning entered RAF service with No.74 Squadron at Coltishall in June 1960, Britain had its first true supersonic interceptor and one of the most potent fighting aeroplanes the world had ever seen.