Website design and maintenance by Appetizing Sites. I was just in Australia and loved the meat pies. It just so happened that it was ‘bring your dog to work day’ and my Aussie born pooch loved it too and was begging for more. Flying Pie Guy and how it all started. Diced idaho potatoes, black pepper, smoked bacon and creamy cheddar cheese in our all butter pie crust. The quality of ingredients you use for the pie fillings are remarkable too. Menu. (our vegeterian option). Ground grass fed beef, chopped onions, crushed garlic and seasonings in our all butter pie crust. HURRY TIME IS RUNNING OUT! Our signature pie crust is made using real butter… Glad to see this truck and the meat pie was delicious. Outstanding quality at a reasonable price served by a man who has very high standards. So so good, highly recommended and whilst you’re at it, give the sausage rolls a go too, you can’t go wrong. (seasoned to taste like chicken) ARE AVAILABLE AS SIDE ORDERS. Handheld Aussie Pies. The Flying Pie Guy is a New Jersey-based food truck that's putting a new spin on old world recipes. Chips, Chooky Chips, Bundaberg Drinks, Copyright © 2020 Rotating Chefs | All Rights Reserved | Privacy Policy | Website Designed and Maintained by VirTasktic. Order online now! We’re still helping you feed people safely during COVID-19! The Flying Pie Guy was founded in 2016 by Mike Peacock, an Aussie with a love for tradition and Aussie pies. Bringing You a Taste of Down Under! Peas, carrots, green beans, idaho potatoes, chopped onions, minced jalapenos and a sweet green curry sauce in our all butter pie crust. I had a Beef, Bacon & Cheese pie at a wine festival recently. All your fa, G’day everyone! Then a rip-snorter of an idea suddenly hit him. The pies were delicious! Specialties: We specialize in creating and serving authentic Australian inspired Meat Pies, Sausage Rolls and Tomato Sauces. Just like the ones I had in Glenelg, South Australia! I picked up those awesome Aussie Pies for my son who was waiting to catch the train into the city. The stack includes: silky, buttery mashed potatoes, smooth mushy peas and a rich brown gravy. Legend has it Mike Peacock (a.k.a. Wow! Pies usually mean dessert, but not in Australia. Been looking for a real pie since I moved here in 2001 and I’m happy to say I don’t have to look any further – these pies are the real deal!! (2), Chopped spinach, chopped onions, crushed garlic, tangy feta cheese, fresh mint and ricotta cheese wrapped in a flakey, buttery puff pastry. Please note, not all pie or savory roll options are available each day. I had the Tradie and it did not disappoint. Ground grass fed beef, chopped onions, crushed garlic, creamy cheddar cheese, thick cut bacon and seasonings in our all butter pie crust. Anitbiotic free light & dark meat chicken, roasted butternut squash, fresh kale and seasonings in our leek cream sauce and all butter pie crust. Thanks. From his website… Flying Pie Guy, serving from 5 -9pm. The Flying Pie Guy Order our pies online, find our food truck at an event or book us. (2). Happy Thanksgiving! You’ll find 28 beer taps always flowing alongside a massive selection of canned beer. Wine coming soon. Please note, not all pie or savory roll options are available each day. So happy to have found a phenomenal pie in the USA! This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Absolutely bloody brilliant pies! My wife and I have literally stalked this food truck across neighborhoods in New Jersey over the past 4 years. All pies come with an option of being stacked at the customer request. No point in mentioning those flying … The Flying Pie Guy) was tipping back a couple one arvo with his cousin and started craving his beloved Aussie Pies and gently drifted away with the pixies. Mike Peacock grew up enjoying the tasty treat in Australia. We serve late-night slices or whole pies. Flying Pie Guy. I’m writing this email to say a huge THANK YOU for the quality of your products!!! @TheFlyingPieGuy is on @News12NJ 's #FoodTruckFriday. The Flying Pie Guy - YouTube. It really, really makes a huge difference regarding the meat pie experience. Cubed grass fed steak, carrots, cremini mushrooms, onions, garlic, cellery and rosemary with our guinness based gravy in our all butter pie crust. It is SO EFFING GOOD. So yummy!! Flying Pie Guy came a few days ago to my Township of Bloomfield, NJ. So very yummy and filling. Featuring our signature all-butter golden pastry crust, G’Day’s handcrafted pies are packed to the brim with fresh farm-to-table fillings, including antibiotic-free, grass-fed Australian beef, lamb, venison, tender chicken, succulent pork and vegetarian. All rights reserved. I asked him to please let me know what he thought of the pies. (2), Sweet pork sausage, chopped onions, crushed garlic, dijon mustard and our seasonings wrapped in a flakey, buttery puff pastry. We also serve imported Bundaberg soft drinks. We tried the plain and the veggie pies with their buttery golden pastry and the filling to match. The Flying Pie Guy also serves its pies at several retail locations, including The Flying Pie Guy Café in Hazlet. I am an Aussie living in the States and was lucky enough to have pies from The Flying Pie Guy to celebrate Australia Day! #njmorningshow We even buy them frozen so we can pop them in the oven later for a meal. Now I want the chips with chicken salt! So did the tomatoes. At Pie Guy Pizza, you might ask: “What the hell are you yelling about?” But the answer to that is simple. CLICK HERE to view the truck’s full menu. We usually carry 1 Savory Roll and 4 Pie options each day. How this great little food truck and catering service is not a nationwide phenomenon just boggles the mind – it’s the perfect compact meal for those on the move and I wish it was available around NYC. Let us help you book your next mobile catering event! I finally saw my son today and he said they were “GOD LIKE.” Wishing you all the best and see you again next time around. As an Aussie living in Philly, I was excited to spot your truck in the Philly Navy Yard where I work. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Slow roasted pulled pork, parsley and chopped onions with our signature bbq sauce in our all butter pie crust. Email us: (function(){var ml="",mi="=71>=:546;37308<9A>2=?9;@",o="";for(var j=0,l=mi.length;j