Thermal conductivity [W ... 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Features of PGS Graphite sheet It is thin with high thermal conductivity:5 times of copper heat control available while remaining thin /lightweight. H��UMo�F��W̑�5g�Hk�j8���������D*����>owI����B0����7��[�b5Yj&b���>�Xo���H+a�M)43�,�R�[Q��F��LH endstream endobj 142 0 obj <> endobj 143 0 obj <> endobj 144 0 obj <>stream Let us hear about your concern related to the heat. }, abstractNote = {Fundamental measurements have been obtained in the INL Graphite Characterization Laboratory to deduce the temperature dependence of thermal conductivity for G-348 isotropic graphite, which has been used by … The basic function with which PGS graphite sheet conveys heat. Available as rolls, sheets… Contact Us about your purchase, click here. Dasen is using NETZSCH LFA447 thermal conductivity meter to test the horizontal thermal conductivity of graphite sheet. �$�0h"�2*�(-q�EΙ�j���D�eHk��-���[_�S��f�x�ډ���~?v]S������a������sd�JYp�F��P.S��R�ʛ���c}x�-m����ү+t�>��L�` �`c�c�9SY�̒��`���Y)�[Q��څ�0>�����5�Ӕ%C� L�T*�P�죋?�LWC� ���9Ӭ�IQ8ѐ�Eq��/��;t���%%f+��rn�BER��$��EN���Z�+��(͘C��^!��Y v��%�b ���-�5�2x�1����?�J�BD� Pyrolytic graphite sheet has been widely used in many fields such as electronics, communication, lighting, aviation, national defense and military industry. Because of its low cost, natural graphite film is widely used in heat dissipation, such as notebook, floor heating, liquid crystal television, ship, … Good matching with counter materials, which make it ideal for use as a sealing material. It is a highly thermally conductive interface material using oriented graphite powder. The thermal conductivity of a graphite crystal has been reported as high as 4180 W/m.K in the ab directions for highly crystalline, stress-annealed pyrolytic graphite. �� ۦ��(wro��Тu�0�1�1�3�`k`.`b���r:�͝@��{�8����#�Q � 4�x? Lower the temperature of component parts. 163 0 obj <>stream Flexibility:Easily-worked (could be tiny or complex shape) c axis a-b plane 3.354~3.356 x 10-8cm We will propose a suitable solution with our products. PGS Graphite Sheet PGS (Pyrolytic Highly Oriented Graphite Sheet) is made of graphite with a structure that is close to a single crystal, which is achieved by the heat decomposition of polymeric film. The thermal conductivity was increased from 0.93 W m −1 K −1 for neat polymer to 2.73 W m −1 K −1 after the addition of 30 wt% graphite, whereas after the inclusion of 1 wt% CNT, the thermal conductivity value reached 3.8 W m −1 K −1. It also enables taking better attachment to the component which has different height on theelectronic board, reducing stress to the electronic board. With our reliable real machine evaluation, verify the effect. �$'�*)y��þ�Y$)�m�Mg�o�&�P� ��:x�.��"�_��y�?d+uv��;á1��4���fl��O���ч���B �4Li��"[email protected]����ݶ�%�Vܢ(��1�vu7 �ùs���E̢���Ʀ��(`b$���]���q�����!L��K`�8��PqacJ��A�V��GA����̘]�u�W��n��0��˗���i High Thermal Conductivity Graphite Sheet has flexibility and high recovery from compressive stress, which previously unobtainable with existing graphite products. h�bbd``b`��@���}$X��_�����)O���z��[email protected]�G����A$��H�1�@� O� in some journal of Physics which has its name blurred up in reference 570 on page 1458, 41, 2026–33, 1963. In the past decade, graphene and its derivatives were demonstrated in many studies to be very effective in enhancing the thermal conductivity of various polymers. Thermal-conductive sealing material that efficiently conducts heat to PGS. Control heat just by sticking the sheet onto the product. Insert materials provide additional strength for high pressure applications and better handling. (High thermal conductivity in Z-axis direction), Conductive Polymer Electrolytic Capacitors, Electric Double Layer Capacitors (Gold Capacitor), Power Inductors for Automotive application, Thermal protection sheet (Graphite Sheet (PGS)/PGS applied products/NASBIS), Cooling Fan with Unique Hydro Dynamic Bearing, Circuit Protection (ESD, Surge, Fuse etc.