You ought to be able to knock one out in a few minutes, and reducing vibrtion will be well worth the effort. Get 10% Off Your Entire Purchase When You Open a New Account. It comes with ⅓ horsepower motor at a single phase that provides 3450 revolutions per minute at 100 volts. So I filed the top flat and replaced the original flat washers with larger ones. The screw just needs to be loosened and I’m already thinking about eliminating the need for a screwdriver by making a knob or button for it. So, don’t hesitate to exchange yours if it comes with some quality control issues you can’t live with. I had every thing I needed to build the sander and am pleased with it.If I could have bought the belts I needed in 1×30 I would not have bothered to build my own. It actually worked remarkably well; however, the only solves the vibrations from the belt pulsing and not the slight imbalance of wheel. Thank you for your help. While troubleshooting the belt tracking I discovered that the motor pulley was loose and not positioned correctly on the motor shaft. Its size and location makes it hard to put Loc-tite on it so I’ve replaced it for now with a bolt. 1 in. Before I post this comment I really want to thank you for updating your blog with all these informative posts. I had to replace both idler pulley bearings and now the motor is slow starting and has no torque. Flexed them a fair amount to loosen the belts up and now they work well. Top critical review. The powerful 1/3 HP motor on this belt sander works up to 3260 FPM for fast stock removal and a smooth, flawless finish. I hope to follow it up later with another one that will talk more about how well it works for sharpening HSS lathe bits in a home machine shop. But I guess your supposed to be able to press it also. This sander normally sells for $50 but it was on sale for $40. It was pretty much plug n play! I found some thick paint runs in those places which I removed with a finishing file. So I’m considering one of these fixes: Even with all these problems my new 1×30 belt sander would have been very usable right out of the box if it weren’t for one thing. They’d be easy to true on my lathe if I can figure out how to mount them (I still don’t own any mandrels). Please speak up if you think you have a better idea. This harbor freight 1x30 belt sander also offers the efficient belt system. I saw on a you tube video that explained right out of the box on how to adjust the belt tracking setup so that you can push the knob towards you when replacing or changing the belts. The belt sander features rubber feet for minimal vibration, a dust collection chute for easy clean-up and a durable die cast, aluminum construction for optimal performance. Then I mounted the motor pulley on that and trued the pulley on the lathe. So I checked the customer reviews for it on their web site and they were generally very good. Until then I’m probably going to just draw some reference lines on it. I expect to modify the table someday to make it easier to grind precise angles on lathe bits. I’ve found that the abrasives sold by HF are usually not very good. I may try an idea I heard about, which is to cross-drill a hole in the bolt’s threads for a piece of nylon trimmer line from a weed whacker. I may someday try truing the smaller pullys but that will require more effort creating a lockable shaft for them on the lathe just to get 2% more perfection, but I do like perfection. x 30 in. Teflon tape should prevent the bolt from coming loose, if you haven’t figured something out already. I guess I’ll tear into the motor since the start cap is OK. It will be easier to apply to the bolt but it might not be good idea if I find I need to periodically adjust it. Save 24%. I also considered truing the wheel while on the motor via file, but, opted a quick a dirty fix by building up the low side with strips of electrical tape until it just about spun true. It’s now much easier to put back on. We won't sell, rent, or trade your email. Owner's Manual & Safety Instructions (PDF), Table tilts 0 to 45 deg. It doesn’t even tell you you can do this in the instructions. I may use Loc-tite. For California consumers: more information about our privacy practices. x 30 in. How do you do it? It takes up a lot less space than my bench grinder, it’s lighter and it seems to produce less dust. I recently built a two wheel sander 1×42 like the “Kalamazoo”.This brand is top of the line for 1×42 ,2×42 sanders. x 30 in. This is a review of the Harbor Freight 1×30 belt sander, model #2485. So I did more research and learned that some sanders come with lots of problems and others with few or none. Stationary Belt & Disc Sanders 7 Items. It’s acceptable, but I think the sander vibrates more than it should. One is to bolt an aluminum plate on top of the table with grooves for a small miter gauge. at present, i’m able to have peace of mind to use! With adjustable belt tracking and an easily adjustable tilting table, this outstanding belt sander also includes a removable back plate to allow sanding on curves or odd-shaped stock. So I checked the customer reviews for it on their web site and they were generally very good. Harbor Freight Belt Sanders at This bench top sander has 1×30 belt along with a 5 inch disc sander. I may try adding a spring between bolt head and table, like the one that is used to prevent the tracking adjust knob from turning. At this point I don’t know how I’m going to fix it or if I’ll even bother. Hopefully you got a full refund as I did, if not, that sucks. I suppose for 30 bucks it’s not bad, but it sure doesn’t sound like a bargain. But I don’t think that would be true if I hadn’t been able to fix all of them or if I’d paid a lot more for it. My platen was tilted to the right so it stuck out from behind the belt. You'll only hear from us. 6 people found this helpful. Great service for a seldom used 2 year old sander! Sorry, deleted. Sign-Up for Free Coupons to Your Inbox. WEN 6515 at $65.98. You just made me realize it shouldn’t be a problem with my new 8×12 because the tailstock and compound are much easier to adjust. The belt cover is held in place by a single knob at the top and a couple of tabs at the bottom which fit into slots. It turns out I had to also file the frame flat where it was mounted. It’s pretty quick and easy to change sanding belts. But I cannot find the video and can’t push the tension button at all. I also saw this great deal to get great deal on a belt sander as I needed one anyway but haven’t gotten to actually buying one – keep procrastinating I guess. It will make everything run smoother, last longer and be quieter. I suggest you buy some some Norton or other high quality belts for your sander instead of the belts Harbor Freight sells. I’d bought the last one at the store so I couldn’t exchange it for another one. Mine came off easily but it was difficult to put it back on because it was hanging up in a couple of spots on the frame, which seems to be made of either die-cast aluminum or zinc alloy. Leather adds a mirror razor sharp finish. As to mandrels for the pulleys, make one! For any difficulty using this site with a screen reader or because of a disability, please contact us at 1-800-444-3353 or [email protected] Adjustment in that direction was limited by a spring used to prevent vibration from turning the adjustment knob. Read more. We guarantee this product to be free from defects in materials and workmanship 90 days from the date of purchase. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. It was also highly regarded by many knife makers, who were using it to both grind the shapes of their blades and sharpen them. I found a big tall burr along one of the adjustment slots was limiting the holding power of one of the mounting screws. The table is one piece and die-cast from either aluminum or zinc alloy. These alumina zirconia abrasive sanding belts are designed, This heavy duty variable speed belt sander from, Built for heavy use, the Bauer™ 20V Hypermax™, Get 10% Off Your Entire Purchase When You Open a New Account. It's just that simple! But there may not be enough room and I don’t have a longer bolt. But I discovered I couldn’t adjust it enough towards the motor to perfectly center it. Belt Sander. Compare to. By Rob on March 20, 2011 This is a review of the Harbor Freight 1×30 belt sander, model #2485. This sander is trash! Learn More. So I decided to take a chance and buy one. I have the Grizzly version of this sander. It may also be safer to use. x 5 in. Copyright 2009 - 2020, The platen shifted after I used the sander a couple of times.