We shall not describe the REFLECTING telescope because that type of telescope gathers light by means of a hollow-curved mirror. It is at the bottom of the page. As we build this telescope I will go over the various aspects of telescopes. For science the question we have to answer is: Write a short explanation on how to build a reflecting telescope for a booklet to be included in a model telescope kit. And I also have a video tutorial on making this scope. It really isn't that difficult and with a little bit of know-how and a few parts you can make yourself quite an impressive little telescope in the newtonian style. Light from a distant object is focused by the objective lens to form an image in front of the eyepiece. Jwellers rouge or cerium oxide. Be sure to describe the shape and position of each of the lenses or mirrors. Can anyone help!!? Will has a youtube channel with over 700 videos on projects you can make. I take you all the way through the process of making a small newtonian . This picture gives you a bit of an idea of the size of the telescope (in comparison to my arm). The lens at the other end of the telescope is called the objective lens. Pitch, rosin and wax Wood or PVC tubing for the tube. You have quite a few different options here and for all of this you can build things to the dimensions you like. Carborundum (silicon carbide) abrasive grit in about 6 grades from 120 to 1200. about 20 small pieces of old, soft, cotton cloth (about 10 cm * 10 cm in size). The eyepiece acts as a magnifier and enlarges that image. In a telescope, the lens held next to your eye is called the eyepiece and is usually a short focal length lens or a combination of lenses. I was inspired to build telescopes during a trip out to McDonald Observatory in west Texas, where I saw a 36” fork-mounted telescope, tiny in comparison to the huge research telescopes at the site. Like i don't get that? The following materials are needed to build a reflecting telescope Round glass blanks � 2 in number. How to make a reflector Telescope Part 8: how to build the mount . Check it out right here . How to Make a 4 1/4" newtonian reflecting telescope . We do not sell such mirrors. We will describe how to design and build an ASTRONOMICAL telescope, which is the simplest type of telescope to build; it gives a view that is upside down and back-to-front. Now it is time for us to build the actual mount of the telescope. After picking up a copy of The Dobsonian Telescope by David Kriege, I built my first telescope with a 12½”-diameter mirror, then later tackled a 12″ lightweight scope. Not a difficult thing and we only need a few basic tools and a few basic supplies. This scientist and an Italian named Jesuit attempted to make a reflecting telescope in 1616 but were not successful. A scientist named Nicolo Zucchi was the first one to build a very simple design telescope. ? Consequently, Nicolo stopped trying and went back to making refracting telescopes.