In Android and iOS it is possible to change the enter/return key of the keyboard to e.g. SendKeys.Send("{ENTER}") End Sub Remarks. After enabling that, you can send messages by clicking enter key on your mobile keyboard. This key also normally has the words 'num lock' printed on the key. Open your Start menu. Go to More options > Settings > Chats. You have to use the Send button on the screen to send a message. Or is there another way? Macintosh Laptops: To turn the Numlock function on and off, hold down the fn key and press the F6 key. If a dialog box or one of its controls currently has the input focus, then pressing the ENTER key causes Windows to send a WM_COMMAND message with the idItem (wParam) parameter set to the ID of the default command button. Each key is represented by one or more characters. Windows Laptops: Hold down the fn key and press the 'num lk' key. In some apps, it sends a message or performs an action; in others, it generates a newline. Option 2. Private Sub Form1_DoubleClick(ByVal sender As Object, _ ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles MyBase.DoubleClick ' Send the enter key; since the tab stop of Button1 is 0, this ' will trigger the click event. Method I: (WM_COMMAND) This method is based on the following behavior of dialog boxes (Dialog Manager) and focus handling in Windows. [if so I'd looovee to know] I want my program to be able to "press" the key Enter/Return so that google begins a search. The good thing is you can send messages quicker, in other words, you need not move your finger to the right of the message text box to send a message. Select Change Product Key. Setting the Enter key to Function as the Enter or Numpad Enter. How to configure the enter key - You can configure whether tapping enter sends a message or not. If this option is not available, right-click Command Prompt and choose to run it with administrative privileges. There is not a way to do that. Use your Command Prompt. Messages does the latter. Open WhatsApp. The same is 'Send by Enter' on Telegram, you can toggle it on the settings menu. Select Command Prompt (Admin) from the search results. Locate Search and type cmd. sendkeys.send(textbox1.text) My Question{finally} Is it possible to somehow use SendKeys() to event a Return Key click (on an external window?) I do not want to use my cursor to click the search button. Modified on: Tue, 5 Dec, 2017 at 5:47 AM. Finally, enter your new product key and click Next. The enter/return key does the same action as hitting the button in the lower-right of the keyboard.