So If I try to do a filter sweep on the drums via a filter on the "drum Bus" track, the drum bus signal affected, but the parallel compression signal is not affected. Ableton Live’s Drum Rack is an incredibly powerful tool, giving you precise control over drums, percussion, and instruments. This is one of the incredible features of Ableton Live: the possibility of creating your own drum rack, fully customized and mapped. In this Music Production in Ableton Live 10 - The Complete Course lecture, you will learn about the Drum Bus. Take a look at the diagram below and notice how I created a subgroup mix bus for drums (often times called a Drum bus). This bus would, in turn, output to the “Master Bus.” Add your distortion plug-in to the “BG Vocals” bus, and bam. Typically the dynamics of even well programmed drums can feel somewhat robotic compared to a live drummer on a kit. Analogue-style drum processing. Some of the advantages of creating these groups are the fact that the user can modify the overall level of all of these tracks with a single fader, add effects to the whole group all at once, mute/solo all the tracks from a group all at once and even add processing to the complete group. In this article, we’ll talk about Creating track groups in Ableton Live. Learn the basics of bus compression and why it’s so important especially to use with electronic drums in this Ableton Live video tip by Will Marshall. Each of the individual drums channels (orange-colored tracks) has been routed to output to Bus 10. I want to do a sweep on the entirety of drums. In this tutorial we are going to learn the basic steps for building a drum rack and also saving as an instrument in the User Library. Shares. Learning this device in depth can seriously aid your production workflow.. We’ve broken down our ten favorite tips that will help you master Live’s Drum Rack. How to create a drum rack in Ableton Live. Learn more from the full course Music Production in Ableton Live 10 - The Complete Course! By Computer Music (Computer Music) 08 February 2018. So I thought I could just send the parallel compression signal to the drum bus . Tune Drums with Tuner Live’s Tuner device is a handy tool that analyzes and displays the incoming pitch of an audio source. Ableton Live 10’s new Drum Buss device deconstructed. Drum Buss (Ableton Live 10 Standard + Suite Only) A free video tutorial from Tomas ... Lecture description. This technique will help gel all of those parts together into a cohesive unit. This mixing guide looks at five drum tuning methods in Ableton Live that will help you develop more professional sounding mixes.