For this reason, we thought you might need tips to curl hair without heat from a blow dryer or by a scorching styling comb. By Sam Escobar and Blake Bakkila. Clothespins, baby wipes, and even toilet paper are the stars here. I will definitely try them out! How To Make Your Hair Curly For Guys. Most guys will be surprised to learn that the process of making hair curly is pretty simple and easy. Excess amounts of heat can cause hair-fall, damage, dryness, frizziness and even irreparable damage! #2: Short Hair and Bantu Knots. However, to curl short, medium and long men’s hair, there are a few main products you’ll need: a heat protection spray, sea salt spray, and hair dryer. As it turns out, there are really so many ways to get curls without using any heat at all! These ideas to curl your hair naturally are simple ones; you may want to try more than one suggestion. While you may never be able to get a full-on afro without a professional perm, getting some body, waviness, and curl into straight hair is possible with a … In fact, some women prefer a natural way of doing things. You can also try this with wet hair. I’ve been on a no-heat kick lately with my hair, because I’m trying to grow it out and I want it to be as healthy as possible. 15 Surprisingly Easy Ways to Curl Your Hair Without Heat. I also don’t want to use heat on my daughter’s hair. How Do You Curl Your Hair Fast? Sometimes we need an alternative to heat to get curls. Sure the results are immediate but, did you ever stop to think of how harmful it is for your hair? Using a curler is much like straightening your hair with an iron. Answer: In this case, the thicker the straw because it will make softer and less frizzy curls. If too much hair is wrapped, then the curls will slip out. No Heat Curls Overnight for Short and Long Hair. So bigger straws, less hair. Sep 7, … Part your hair into four sections and secure each section with a Bantu knot.After a full night’s sleep, take the Bantu knots out and gently comb through for bouncy, vintage-inspired curls. Comments. Start on freshly washed and blow dried hair. Naturally curly hair is stylish and lively, making it quite desirable for the straight-haired among us. Shadow Ranger on July 16, 2020: Wow, this article is really well written! Looking at how to make heatless curls overnight without a curling rod?