It sounds like you already are using a 7.1 speaker setup with your existing receiver, so what are the additional two speakers? Yes, ofcourse you CAN use another receiver as a power amp. This is in the speakers -> manual config -> speaker config. Well seem like the Technics is going on Ebay together with Technics DVD-Audio. Oddly, none of the other inputs worked, but I guess as long as one works that's good enough. Hey guys, I hope you can help me out here... My primary receiver (Marantz SR7010) supports a 7.2.4 Atmos setup with the use of an external amp. I have a old sony receiver and was wondering if theirs a way to use it as a temporary pre-amp to onkyo 818 for 9ch . NOW my setup is working. All of your screencaps look just like mine. You then enabled those ext. Through this preamp and then on to the second receivers' power amp. So after finding the one that worked, I ran the Marantz's Height 2 pre-out channel to the Denon's Phono input, and have the speakers hooked up to the Front Left and Right posts. You'll be much happier and get much better results using a separate outboard amp. So I've got the Height 2 pre-out connected to the Ext-In on my secondary receiver, and the Ext-In function enabled on it. Another alternative if budget can do it is buy a good preamp with a home theater pass through for listening to music. I take it turning up the treble does not produce the desired effect? Home Automation, Accessories, Cables, and Remotes. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, Marantz SR5009 -> Eosone LCR, Polk OWM3, 2 Snell SUB550. I would just run the Height 2 channels into a 2 channel input on your Denon (CD, Tape, etc.) I don't have a 3803, but I found this Picture: So you ran interconnects from the Height 2 on your 7010 to the front L/R ext. Then.. in the SR7010, go to audio, levels, and start test tone. Do u use the second receiver on a input?? I am thinking of getting an older version of used Mcintosh MC 7100 (100 watt per channel) stereo power amp to be connected to my Onkyo receiver to power my front 2 speakers for stereo listening. It will barely change the impedance at all, and will be a lot cheaper/simpler/smaller than adding a whole other pair of speakers, which may or may not give you the extra treble you desire. The Denon receiver has multiple Ext-Ins... which do you have the pre-out Height 2 from the Marantz connected to, and speaker terminals do you have the Height 2 speakers wired to? Your one stop for all things Home Theater (except soundbars). Or do you just have an enormous room and need more output? David Ranada (I think) wrote a good article in Sound and Vision about the front effects speakers, and adding a second pair up front. Question AV receiver not decoding HD audio from PC over HDMI connection: Audio: 1: Sep 10, 2020: A: Question How to connect a Rockville EQ to a Yamaha RX-V567 Natural Sound AV Receiver/Amp with Polk Audio Surround speakers: Audio: 1: Aug 17, 2020: I: Question PC Build Complete! I feel like I'm missing something obvious here, but being my first time trying this setup, it could be something more discrete as well that I did not know about. I also tried it on the Surround Back Right and Surround Back Left. I've sent the Height 2 pre-outs to the Denon's 7.1 external in Right and Lefts, and have hooked up the speaker wires to their likewise outputs on the Right and Left posts. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. This way you can use the stereo for music and run the receiver only for movies. What I did was try plugging my phone into all of the inputs playing music, and finally found one that worked! That was a great idea! and run your L/R main speaker outputs from your Denon to your Height 2 speakers. I'm praying you can help me! To use it as a power amp, connect cables from the Marantz pre-pro’s amplifier outputs to the Pioneer receiver’s multichannel analog inputs. But when I get to your very last step to perform the test tones, my rear height channels are grayed out, so no test tones coming from there. The only thing I was noting is that in general you will be going through the pre-amp/processor first, out the pre-outs into the second receivers' pre-amp. Next, use either the receiver’s remote control or its front panel control buttons to select the Direct Multi Channel In Playback mode. Everything I've read suggests that you can use a secondary receiver as an external amp, as long as it supports multi-channel external input. All your speakers an everything else is left as it is now. It was the Phono input that worked. I am thinking to add two more front speakers, so I will need to power them separate, I have two choices, since I can't use my receiver to power them (since I am getting full advantage and using it as 7.1) I need to add amp. Are you using the Denon receiver for anything else, or JUST powering the Height 2 speakers? Buying Advice, Tech Support, etc for Televisions, Home Theater, Speakers, Projectors, Audio/Video Receivers, etc. I would just run the Height 2 channels into a 2 channel input on your Denon (CD, Tape, etc.) Press J to jump to the feed. this video explains connecting pre to power amp especially for vintage stereo and sound improvements Oh excellent, a fellow SR7010 owner! [EDIT] Thanks for all the help guys! First make sure you're setting up your Marantz so that it actually is sending signal out of the Height 2 preamp output channels. You can get receivers with pre outs to run a better power amp for your mains. So, going through your checklist, the answer is: My setup looks exactly the same as yours. I am still looking at buying/building a sub. The manual for my primary receiver says that, if using 4 ceiling speakers for Atmos, to hook up the front two to the Height 1 channel, and the rear two to the pre-out for Height 2. Basically you use the pre amp and the onkyo is then just used as a power amp when in stereo mode. The only difference to your setup would be that at cd is plugged into the preamp and then the preamp is then plugged in to your onkyo's multi channel inputs. Otherwise im waiting 4-9 months for stand alone pre amp … if all your looking for is highs it shouldn't be a problem. First make sure you're setting up your Marantz so that it actually is sending signal out of the Height 2 preamp output channels. in connectors on the 3808, then speaker wire from the front left/right speaker connectors on the 3803 to your top rear Atmos speakers? The Onkyo hence becomes the preamp. 9.2 powered, 11.2 processing. I finally got it to work! I'm using my old receiver to power my computer speakers, a popular amp we used to use at a place I worked was one for karaoke it sold for around a hundred bucks was about a hundred watts a channel, and was well built. Report back if not :-). Why are you adding two more front speakers? How do the signals from the main reciever get connected to the "sub" receiver. Should I buy a good amp. This is in the speakers -> manual config -> amp assign menu, You set up the speaker config to full 7.2.4 like this except with 1 more subwoofer? Well the only reason to add additional speakers on front is more like for the tweeters. But for some reason, no matter which sets of external input channels I choose (and their respective speaker channel outputs), I just cannot get any sound out of my secondary receiver acting as an external amp. My secondary receiver (Denon 3803) indeed supports 7.1 Ext-In. This is the only situation where I'd run a receiver for a preamp. For movies, mcintosh will likewise power amp my front speakers while Onkyo drives my other 5 speakers. Yamaha's front effects speaker amplifiers and support exist only on the highest model (Z9/Z1/etc...). I'm with Drew. I am thinking to add two more front speakers, so I will need to power them separate, I have two choices, since I can't use my receiver to power them (since I am getting full advantage and using it as 7.1) I need to add amp. This may cause signal degradation. You should dig that up and read through it. Sounds like you're almost there. new receiver: HK AVR-645 old receiver: Sony, forget the model #, but I remember 90W/ch level 2. In the other situation, your receiver is acting as just the pre-amp and sends the entire signal to the amp. If anyone can help me out here, I would really appreciate it! New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the hometheater community. Scrolling down to the top rears should give you some sound. Do it the right way. Unfortunately, after trying it, still got nothing. How are you dealing with life now with the Covid-19 virus situation. and connect speakers to it or main receiver? Was a 140wpc at 6 ohm receiver. In theory, a system such as this can be set up with any stereo amp that has standard RCA inputs, but ideally you want one that has a dedicated input for the task – one that bypasses the unit’s own volume control and other equaliser functions. I think I've done everything correctly, I just can't seem to get the Marantz to recognize the Denon :/. But I have read other posts where people have used the power from a second reciever to power their sub. I'd say perhaps Yamaha 'front effects' speakers, but I thought all the receivers with that came with amplifiers built in (albeit only 25w/ch).