Jace stood, embarrassed, and handed the reassembled telescope to Vraska. "We need to go south. They took our ancestral lands on Torrezon, and they take all homes in the end.". His lips parted as if he were going to say something, but his jaw quickly shut. Malcolm asked. It would be best if Jace were dead, but he was clearly harmless in his current state. He paused when he reached the end of the memory of the riverbank, of himself lost in grief and wrapped up in Vraska's arms. DESIGN TEAM, DEVELOPMENT TEAM, AND FULL CREDITS. she growled. He tried to bat it away and missed. Though the ship's physician had ordered him to rest below deck, Jace had earned a reputation for being unable to stay in one place for long. "You wish to lead . Vraska sighed. You will not be able to return until your task is complete.". The coxswain, a dour-looking man named Gavven, prepared a small vessel to retrieve the castaway, and Vraska leaned over the rail to see who had been found. The password had worked. "With all due respect, Malcolm, you are the navigator. Vraska recalled the distant memory of killing terrible people with convenient names to get the Guildpact's attention all those years ago. Vraska couldn't believe this. Some were smart enough to pull out their weapons, and they scrambled to maintain their composure as Vraska's crew attacked. Jace maintained concentration, and nodded briskly at the captain. She climbed into the dinghy and yelled to Gavven to get in and lower them down. The navigator moved toward the tiller, sat down, and walked the large rudder to one side. Vraska yelled. Vraska first found the dragon's invitation tucked into a copy of the book she was reading. Voices shouted over the rustle of canvas, and in the palm of Captain Vraska's hand, the largest light of her enchanted compass needle twitched violently south. The vast catalogue of new nautical knowledge in her head felt like a hangover and a study session combined in one foul package. . He must have been following me from the start. but had not realized it. Of course he of all people would enjoy being marooned on an island with no memory. "He has lofty expectations." "Let's find out," he said with a playful look. But the deadly gorgon Vraska operates by her own arcane moral code. She was too angry. "We'll prepare a hammock for you in the forecastle," Vraska said. . "I asked you to work with me, and you turned me down. "Oi!" Vraska looked to him. A sharp migraine jabbed through Vraska's temples. What Happened to Jace's Relationship with Vraska? she cried to her crew below. Jace must have thought she had spoken aloud. Jace and Nahiri stood before her, breathing hard from ... Just on the edge of the Free City of Nimana, a man in dark gray robes walked through the pitch-black night toward the camps, drawing his collar close to guard against the breeze. ." For the second time that day, The Belligerent stowed its sails and came to a halt. The crew could see each other and the ship below. She had not physically touched anyone in years. Jace asked, yelling above the crowd. But that irritation vanished when she read what the invitation said. . The glow vanished, and the cage of magic disappeared. As a celestialist, he specialized in using charts, compasses, and astrolabes—combined with spells—to divine more information from the stars. ", A smile tugged at Jace's lips, but he quickly smoothed it out into a look of determination. She called to him from the quarterdeck and beckoned him up the small ladder to where she and the quartermaster stood. or she could avoid draining the ship's coffers and steal from the conquistadors instead. Jace looked skyward, his eyes aglow, and like water pouring over a curved surface, his magic flowed down around The Belligerent, seemingly wiping it from existence as it went. Rain sprinkled down on an imaginary fire and a very dead fish. on September 20, 2017. The three of them took their seats, and Edgar made a sharp hand gesture causing the dinghy to descend. Vraska looked to the quartermaster and confirmed, "Set course due south." She pursed her lips. It unnerved her, but she refused to show any intimidation. She concentrated on the location in her mind, her room fell into shadow, and she planeswalked through a dark slice in the air. The implicit trust between Vraska and her crew had turned what should have been a frightening challenge of her untested skills into the most satisfying period of her life. "I'd tell you not to leave, but the point is a bit moot. But this case was different . The entire process took about fifteen minutes. ", Vraska sighed. . The surviving vampires knelt in submission under the watchful eyes of Malcolm and Amelia, who were working quickly to magically bind them with rope and torn sails. "We go where it points, and what we need is that way. The clouds were heavy with impending rain, and The Belligerent was tacking. Edgar and Gavven gave her a confused look, but Vraska didn't bother to translate what "planeswalking" was. "Where did Lord Nicolas find that compass, anyway?" Amelia, The Belligerent's quartermaster, was tall as a foremast and just as sturdy. He was golden, vast and sinuous, with an unreadable expression and a strange calmness to his presence. Amelia nodded, and turned to the rest of the crew below. There was no way he'd been hiding those muscles under that cape all these years. Arrested me. Jace's voice cried out in the air, and vampire grabbed hold of his physical neck. Edgar, the helmsmage, followed suit and took the oars in hand. His eyes were wide with excitement and unease. He was knolling the pieces as he went, organizing the bits in a meticulous grid on the deck of the ship. Eliminating that hell was all she ever wanted. This is on loan from his private collection of magical navigational tools. The spell was complicated, intended to pass through worlds—but to whom? The Golden City isn't an island off its coast . "Saint Elenda! This assassin-for-hire could destabilize the entire plane … but Jace … He kept ... © 1993-2020 Wizards of the Coast LLC, a subsidiary of Hasbro, Inc. All Rights Reserved. She looked back at Jace and yelled to get his attention. What would I have to gain by lying to you? Nicol Bolas smiled. ", Ixalan Story ArchivePlaneswalker Profile: VraskaPlaneswalker Profile: Jace Beleren, Posted in Magic Story The vampires were caught completely off guard. Most crewmates were easily subdued, their eyes wide and guards down as the pirates bore down on their ship. She won her position as quartermaster in a landslide vote, and the crew knew better than to cross her. ", "A lot," Vraska deadpanned. The galley around them dissolved. But here? . This was going to get old. Clumsiness like that couldn't be faked.