[RESEARCH]:Who is the Mother of Metal Lee? Even though Tsurushi Hachiya and few others saw him as a friend, everything changed the day he killed his own comrades in a battle. Yagura can see the determine in his eyes and shook his head no and said... "I told this to your father and I will tell you now. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Patches . When Kagura Karatuchi was first introduced in Boruto, he resembled a meek mouse. There was a resemblance to a long forgotten character. Yagura nodded and said... "I can promise you that this is not the last time we will ever met. Poverty and crime still existed. Fantastic! Discussion. Absolutely recommended for your viewing pleasure. Then Kagura tries to kill Boruto, his only real friend, because the terrible villain with zero redeeming qualities told him … Reblog. Kagura was surprised. Legendary. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Patches . Absolutely recommended for your viewing pleasure. "Magura, is that you?" He felt happy in this place. He has been chosen as a successor for the new Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist. Yagura nodded slightly. Kagura Karatachi (枸橘かぐら, Karatachi Kagura) is a shinobi from Kirigakure, who works as an aide to the Sixth Mizukage. Discussion. Kagura asked. Reviews. 1,029 notes. It happened one time and everybody blames it on Yagura, despite it being known that Yagura was manipulated by the Akatsuki and not genetically or inherently violent. But his thoughts were interrupted by the boy. Dec 19, 2018. Kagura was surprised because of two things. So I can talk with him. "I hope we can meet again, Grandfather" Kagura said. "But I'm sure they will forgive you if they know the truth" Kagura said. Yagura is chiefly remembered for a bloody, despotic reign that contributed to Kirigakure … Kagura and Yagura then talked a little more about random things before Kagura has to woke up and Yagura has to leave from his dream. "So that's why Dad never talk bad about you. Kagura Games . See you soon, my grandson" Yagura said and then disappear from Kagura's dream. You die? Kagura was shocked and taken aback. Kagura nodded sadly and sat down on the grass, which Yagura followed suit. A pioneer in the world of adult gaming! He said that you was a loving, but very stern and firm father to him. How the hell is Kagura Yagura's grandson? But suddenly, Kagura saw someone shorter than him, but has the same features as him. Everything changed with the arrival of Chojuro, the sixth Mizukage. Magura is his father's name. Kagura is a fairly tall teenager. Aerokinesis: Kagura is one of Naraku's strongest detachments and is not to be taken lightly, with a versatile format of attacking that suits both long and short distance fighting. A pioneer in the world of adult gaming! His grandfather is in front of him right now and two, Yagura didn't seem so surprise to see him. Yagura Karatachi (枸橘やぐら Karatachi Yagura) was the jinchūriki of the Three-Tails and the Fourth Mizukage (四代目水影 Yondaime Mizukage Literally meaning: Fourth Water Shadow) of Kirigakure. Do you know my father?" Archived. the boy asked after he get a little closer to Kagura. This symbolized that kagura was the grandson of Yagura afterall, the one who terrorized the nation. I saw you from above and Magura told me all about you" Yagura said. 2 Products . Yagura smiled simply and said... "Took you long enough to recognize me" Yagura said. Kagura asked politely. Btw, this is my second one-shot. Sorry about that, Grandfather" Kagura said. Brave Alchemist Colette. "Sorry about that, Grandfather. Fantastic! "But then they will never know the truth about your true self!" Kagura Games . "No.., but I'm his son. But seeing your surprise face and attire, I know immediately you are my grandson, Kagura, right?" Kagura was so tired after the event of today and decided to hit the break. Shizuma meets Mitsuki when Boruto and the class are on their field trip to the Hidden Mist. He converted the village into a tourist destination like none. Yagura shrugged it off and said... "I can't blame them. Want some ramen? Dad used to told me that Grandfather Yagura was so short, that if he and you stand with each other side by side, people will mistaken you are his son and Dad is your father" Kagura said, smiling at the memory. He had the gleamy eyes and the brown hair of the Fourth Mizukage who once ran the ‘Bloody Mist’ village. Overall, he bears a striking resemblance to his grandfather, Yagura. A.N : I hope it's good enough. Curiousity washed over him that makes him forget that he used to be so scared with his own grandfather's name. spoiler. Things have finally started to spiral up in Boruto as Kagura Karatuchi was introduced. "I used to connect to his dreams. If you believe we have used your copyrighted content without permission, send us an email at [email protected] and we will remove it immediately. Kagura and Yagura. Me: dailynaruto . He was on a field with a very calm feeling and peaceful too. When the Bloody Mist was created, Madara Uchiha controlled me and used me to get his own goal. 1. Kagura thought. Kagura protested. Despite his age, he’s a prodigy like no other and was touted to become the Mizukage in the coming years. Kagura and Boruto teamup; Mitsuki's badass; Suigetsu's badass; Some Swearing; blame Suigetsu; mentions of Yagura; ily Yagura; Summary. Reviews. Sep 19, 2017 #6 Calpal said: Kagura. Kagura and Yagura. I know I have some stories that I haven't finished, but I'm not going to abandon them. Can you please tell me why are you making The Land of Water into the Bloody Mist?" Yagura put up a hand to silence him and said... "I don't need their thoughts about me. Kagura Karatachi, one of the finest swordsmen the Kirigakure produced was all alone and hardly had any friends. 133 Products . But I will try it if I can" Yagura said. 'He wears an old shinobi attire. Did the genjutsu broke or something?" I never believe him because the others tell me otherwise. "See you soon too, Grandfather" Kagura said and smiled. Inspirational Uchiha Sarada Quotes To Kickstart Your Day! spoiler. But what I regret, is they treating you and your father like you are me, aren't they?" The boy rolled his eyes, but to keep it simple, he said... "Know him? His Kenjutsu skills are second to none, thus making him the ideal candidate for the Hiramekarei, the sword of the current Mizukage Chojuro. But I guess not, after seeing your father is taller than me. She refuses to accept her legacy as a Yato, and just wants to live as a normal girl. A.N : Right. DJ in the day, otaku at night! youre a welp if you dont know who yagura is lmao Kagura karatachi and Yagura: Everything you need to know! Kagura gave up and just nodded. Fallen ~Makina and the … Yagura sighed and said... "It's actually a long story and I had to explain it to your father a couple of times until he really understood. YAgura. He always says that you never wanted a Bloody Mist village and do bad things. Yagura said in a matter of factly. For now, I just wished you study hard under Chojuro's training and become a great shinobi" Yagura said wisely. He has a fair complexion with short, messy, grey hair that falls over the right side of his face and spiked up on the left his forehead, pink eyes and a tattoo with three points running down under his left eye. Your father did that too when he first met me in his dream" Yagura replied. Even though Tsurushi Hachiya and few others saw him as a friend, everything changed the day he killed his own comrades in a battle. I'd love to tune in. Yagura said. During Yagura’s reign as the Mizukage, the village was known as the bloody mist village due to the fact that they held the last man standing death match in their academies. Being the grandson of Yagura Karatachi, people kept their distance from him, leading to Kagura having no friends. Kagura was still in full regret and feel so ashamed of himself after what happened. Kagura asked. I did some terrible things to them and their family. His mother had died years ago, so before Boruto came, his only friend to talk is his father.