Of course, Bluetooth is on board as well. Crafted from premium materials for sophisticated looks and a precise sound, they offer the ultimate in performance, comfort and style. We do also share that information with third parties for advertising & analytics. on the speaker — stay tuned to this space for more. Your music follows you everywhere you go with the exquisitely detailed sound quality of KEF headphones. The speaker has almost every physical input you could want, including optical, coaxial, 3.5mmm, and HDMI eARC for easy integration into a home theater setup, although the company has abandoned the USB DAC. It’s called Plugged In – Die BLADE dokumentiert KEF’s Anspruch an kompromissloser Klang- und Designqualität. This is arguably the more interesting update, even if doesn’t come in that snazzy blue (instead it gets a rather ominous-looking red). Follow the step-by-step instructions, it will show you if there is any new updates available. There’s also a new 100W amplifier for the tweeter complimenting the 280W amplifier for the woofer. KEF was founded on innovation and new technology. There is perhaps no modern speaker more famous among audio enthusiasts than the KEF LS50. You can learn more about the technology in this short video KEF released a few weeks ago: It also looks pretty cool, even if we never get to see it given it’s tucked away inside the speaker. Die MUON ist einer der extravagantesten Lautsprecher der Welt und besticht durch ihre überragende Mischung aus Design und exzellentem Klang. Back to the acoustics, the LS50 Meta also uses the 12th generation of the company’s trademark Uni-Q driver, which, unlike most speakers, allows sound to emanate from the tweeter and woofer at the same point in space. KW1 Wireless Produkt des Jahres & Innovation des Jahres, Hören Sie jedes detail - mit derKEF Q-Serie. ... Marlboro NJ, 07746 [email protected] 732-683-2356 EXPLORE KEF. Hopefully, the company has brought some of the R3’s goodness to the LS50 Meta. the unwanted sound radiating from the rear of the driver, reducing distortion and enabling the prevention of audio distraction.” It covers a range from 600Hz all the way up to the top of the tweeter’s response. Sehen Sie sich hier die Produktsupport-Seite an oder kontaktieren Sie uns. Schauen Sie mit uns über die Grenzen hinweg und entdecken neue Möglichkeiten. KEF LS50 Wireless Support documents and downloads. There’s a lot more to good sound than distortion, and the KEF LS50 had worse measurements and in my experience sounded worse than its larger and newer brother, the R3. Erforschen Sie mit uns unterschiedliche Klangerfahrungen und die Art und Weise, wie sie verschiedene Menschen, Orte, Designs und Erfahrungen inspirieren. The key acoustic update is a newfangled use of metamaterials to “absorb 99% of the unwanted sound radiating from the rear of the driver, reducing distortion and enabling the prevention of audio distraction.” It covers a range from 600Hz all the way up to the top of the tweeter’s response. With numerous technological breakthroughs, LS50 took the original LS3/5a studio monitor concept and brought it into the living room. Erwecken Sie Musik und Filme zum Leben – mit KEF Heimaudio. I’m especially fond of the blue and gold colorway that appears to be exclusive to the passive model. In 2017, we introduced LS50 Wireless using the LS50 platform and brings hifi sound to the digital lifestyle. LSX. Experience your music your way with KEF Wireless Speakers. Artikel wurde in den Einkaufswagen gelegt. Linus Torvalds wants Apple’s new M1-powered Macs to run Linux. The metamaterial KEF is using essentially looks like a maze, whose function is to ‘trap’ the unwanted back wave radiation. Erleben Sie Musik auf ihre persönliche Art mit den Wireless HiFi Lautsprechern von KEF. And then there’s the LS50 Wireless II. That should help the LS50W get plenty loud and reach lower than you might expect from a bookshelf speaker, although once again KEF is not claiming any lower bass than the prior generation’s 40Hz( -6 dB). How to install the KEF LS50 Wireless Firmware Update Tool: Head to the KEF Product Support page Scroll to find the LS50 Wireless Firmware Update download and install the version relevant to you, either MAC OS X or Windows. KEF updates its legendary LS50 speakers with distortion-killing ‘metamaterials’ There is perhaps no modern speaker more famous among audio enthusiasts than the KEF LS50… At this point the LS50 is basically a meme, and it’s pretty much impossible to navigate audio forums without it coming up every few pages, along with its streaming variant, the LS50W. Acoustically, the LS50W II features the same improvements as the LS50 Meta, although it includes DSP to refine the sound further and allows users to customize acoustics via the KEF connect app. We hope to get our hands (ears?) Dieser solide, kompakte Lautsprecher wurde rund um den Uni-Q der 12. Install and follow instructions to complete the firmware update. We recommend that all customers update the LS50 Wireless to the latest version of firmware to benefit from the improvements and bug fixes. Download the firmware upgrade tool from KEF product support page (https://uk.kef.com/pages/product-support). In der Zeit des Lockdowns entstehen stetig neue Möglichkeiten, mit den verschiedensten Künsten in Kontakt zu treten. Beautifully designed and engineered to digitally stream the music you love in true Hi-Fi sound. Launched back in 2012 to celebrate the venerable audio company’s 50th anniversary, the speaker was quickly met with critical acclaim and enduring popularity. Bring music and movies to life with KEF Home Audio. The LS50 Meta is available starting today for $1,499.99 a pair, while the LS50W will go on sale October 11. KEF is also claiming the bass exceeds what you’d expect for a speaker its size, although the claimed -6dB point is still the same 47Hz as the original LS50. I really like the LS50 Meta. REFERENCE bietet eine besonders realistische Klangbühne – voller emotionaler Bandbreite, Tiefe und Präzision. It is intuitive to use with any source in your home, and it allows simple over-the-air firmware updates that bring you new and improved features with the … Not one to let such popular models go stale, today KEF announced their successors: the LS50 Meta and LS50 Wireless II. Gefertigt aus Premium-Materialien für einen mondänen Look und einen präzisen Klang, bieten sie ein Maximum an Leistung, Komfort und Stil. Generation mit Metamaterial-Absorptionstechnologie-Treiber entwickelt und ist in der Lage, überall im Raum detaillierten Sound zu liefern. We are recognised in the history of loudspeaker development as one of the most important contributors and a great deal of our research has been published at well respected professional institutions, including the Audio Engineering Society and the Institute of Acoustics. KEF addresses many of the criticisms of the original model, finally allowing you to actually use the speakers wirelessly (the original LS50W was ‘wireless’ in the streaming sense, but required a cable between the two speakers). KEF really stepped up its game to deliver a genuinely worthy update. Made with <3 in Amsterdam. Wir sind hier, um zu helfen. The LS50 was created to celebrate our 50th anniversary. LISTEN CARE FULLY; Blog; About KEF; KEF Innovation; All About Sound; KEF Museum; Legacy Product; About GP; SUPPORT. KEF says it’s a massive leap over “traditional approaches” that it says only allow about 60% absorption. Die LS50 Wireless II ist mehr als nur ein Hochleistungslautsprecher; sie ist das perfekte All-in-One-Musiksystem, das dank der Wireless-Kompatibilität mit AirPlay 2, Chromecast und weiteren Quellen sowie den Kabelverbindungen für Ihren Fernseher, Ihre Spielkonsole und Ihren Plattenspieler von jeder Quelle streamen kann. Möchten Sie das Beste aus Ihrem KEF-Produkt herausholen? Speaking of pretty, KEF is introducing some snazzy new colors for the LS50, along with a slightly tweaked curvature, particularly on the backside. Dank unserer Leidenschaft für Perfektion wird jeder Klang mit einer Präzision wiedergegeben, so dass Sie die Performance nicht nur sehen und hören sondern auch spüren können. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive news, updates, free stuff and new releases by email Did you know we have a newsletter all about consumer tech? Toller Sound, ohne Einschränkungen. Without having heard the speaker or seen any hard data, it’s hard to say how palpable the improvements are over the existing model. The KEF LS50 Meta cannot be all things to all audiophiles, but in the near-to-midfield listening position in small to medium size rooms it comes very, very close to being the best of all worlds. TNW uses cookies to personalize content and ads to Even beyond the flawless musical performance, LS50 Wireless II is a breeze to set up thanks to the KEF Connect app. There are a plethora of modern upgrades too. LS50 WIRELESS II. Wunderschön designt und entwickelt, um die Musik, die Sie lieben, in wahrem HiFi-Sound zu streamen. make our site easier for you to use.