Pandan Burnt Cheesecake Keong Saik Bakery. Discovery top keong saik bakerys burnt cheesecake in Singapore, review by Food Advisor Singapore. Pandan Burnt Cheesecake (S$8) Made with pandan leaves and coconut cream to give an authentic fragrance! As I personally like Pandan, so I tried this over the regular Burnt Cheesecake, not sure how it fares over the regular one, but it is definitely not as good in comparison to the Two-Face. This two-layered cake marries the gentle tones of earl grey with the vibrancy of the blue pea flower. 05/11/2020 . Try their … As part of Keong Saik Bakery’s initiative to live more sustainably, they are offering discounts to customers to bring their own boxes to keep/takeaway their food – and we are all for it! Keong Saik Bakery. Order via their Google form on their Instagram. 690 Reviews Nov 4 at 11:22pm in Desserts. The quaint bakery was already known for offering Singaporean favourites like kaya toast paired with a fragrant cuppa kopi. Those looking for local or creative spins on the burnt cheesecake can find it here. #keongsaikbakery #pierreherme #burntcheesecake #ispahan #frenchpastry . 3237 Reviews 2d ago in Pâtisserie • Desserts. Texture: Not as smooth and creamy as compared to the Two … [NEW] Pandan Burnt Cheesecake ⠀⠀ In celebration of Chinese New Year, we are launching Pandan Burnt Cheesecake! Featuring this iconic dessert's flavours in our first ever 3 layer burnt cheesecake, savour the floral notes of lychee, rose and raspberry (from top to bottom) in every bite. [NEW] Matcha Burnt Cheesecake ⠀⠀ This cheesecake is made with 4 types of cheeses in perfect harmony to give a firm yet creamy texture with a distinct matcha taste. Keong Saik Bakery. But, Keong Saik Bakery is bringing the waves to you with their latest Seashore Burnt Cheesecake. Restaurant of keong saik bakerys burnt cheesecake address, menu and contact provided. Available daily at $9/slice or $74 for a whole cake! If you’re not really into that, their Durian Burnt Cheesecake will beg for your attention. But many now come for their Burnt Cheese Cruffin ($5.50), Original Burnt Cheesecake ($7.50 a slice), as well as seasonal flavours such as matcha and pandan. Keong Saik Bakery.