Who was Mary Seacole? Complete Mary Seacole 2017 Biography. I, helped to care for the soldiers. In Jamaica, a doctress was a healer that used traditional remedies prepared with herbs. Interesting Facts about Mary Seacole 1. Mary Seacole did what few women did at her time. Mary Seacole’s grave at St. Mary’s Catholic Cemetery, London #10 She was voted the Greatest Black Briton. Mary’s mother was a free Jamaican woman who worked as a “doctress”. Also known as: Mother Seacole . Explore Mary Seacole's biography, personal life, family and cause of death. When the Crimean War ended, Mary Seacole headed back to England with little money and in fragile health. Mary Seacole practiced nursing when she was little. Mary Seacole Family, Childhood, Life Achievements, Facts, Wiki and Bio of 2017. British war nurse Mary Seacole (1805–1881) cared for the wounded and maimed during the Crimean War of the 1850s, but her fame was eclipsed by that of fellow army nurse Florence Nightingale. Read it Sergeant it says you’ve got to allow Mrs Seacole to carry medica-.
Kingston, Jamaica. She is respected and considered an icon in the Caribbean. A Jamaican by birth who was a staunch British patriot, Seacole enjoyed a rather adventurous and well-traveled life for a woman of part African heritage during that era. The Russians had been holding a city called Sebastopol since the start of the war, but at last the city fell. This is a contemporary painting. Print Collector / Getty Images Return Home . Discover the real story, facts, and details of Mary Seacole. Mary Seacole Facts. Full name: Mary Jane Grant Born: 1805 Hometown: Kingston, Jamaica Occupation: Nurse and business woman Died: 14 May 1881 Best known for: Her work in helping the sick and wounded – particularly during the Crimean War. Mary Seacole was posthumously awarded the Jamaican Order of Merit in 1991 and in 2004 she was voted the greatest Black Briton. She was a traveller, ran a business and went to war risking her life to accomplish her aim. Mary returns to London after the Crimean War, penniless and forgotten by the public. That’s why Mary started to practice based on what she saw when her mother was working.