Meade LX90 12” ACF First light. Choose your book when you subscribe to BBC Sky at Night Magazine today! Equipment review Meade’s LX90-ACF eliminates coma Meade’s LX90-ACF features an optical design that eliminates the optical defect coma. The Meade LX90 10" is about 15 lbs lighter than the Celestron. garryblueboy 1,223 garryblueboy 1,223 Sub Dwarf; Members; 1,223 1,472 posts; Location: HUNTINGDON; Posted February 19, 2019. I have already posted my first astrophotographic session report in the telescope review thread: Tecnosky 80/480 APO FPL53 Triplet OWL Series - Review. Am I right to assume that the GPS model predated the ACF one? I can get the Meade for $2450 with a rebate on a Deep Sky Imager Pro and color set for $228 and this is the main attraction at this point. Over the years I have had several telescopes. Product Review: Meade LX90 SCT Grant Barlow. As I had a slide-in camper in my truck, the size of my scope was dictated as to what would fit through the door. I used that until 1992 when Two-Inchitis struck and I upgraded to a Coulter 17.5" Dob. I have looked at both scopes and it seems that the Celestron has a sturdier mount. My first was a 1984 Celestron Super C8 SCT (Schmitt Cassegrain Telescope). Price correct at time of review. So have just finished the second outing with my newest scope the Meade LX90 12” ACF having previously owned a CPC 11 Deluxe I knew this was … - posted in Equipment: Hello, I know what an ACF system is and this is basically the scope Im after. This reviewer lives 20 miles outside Santa Fe, NM at an elevation of 6425’ with clear dark skies 325 nights a year. First Light Review of Meade LX90 ACF 12" - posted in Cats & Casses: This is a review of a Meade LX90 ACF 12” Schmidt Cassegrain telescope purchased from Anacortes Telescope in July 2014. Recommended Posts. However, I found an LX90 12 GPS (no mention of ACF) and it seems in a great condition. Any difference in the coating? The Meade LX65 Series 8-inch is a capable, compact and colourful telescope with a wide selection of extras Our rating . 4.5 out of 5 star rating 4.5 £1,315 Skip to view deals. Difference between Meade LX90 ACF and LX90 GPS? Meade LX65 Series 8-inch ACF telescope review. The user reviews I have read indicate that the Meade is a lot faster and smoother in finding objects. By garryblueboy, February 19, 2019 in Member Equipment Reviews.