$5.40 25 - 49. and 2.5 lbs. (ex. They have an incredible survival and reproduction rate in the wild. MATURE WEIGHT(22 weeks) Male: 3.5lbs Female 2.5lbs. The females are black with less of the purple and blue feathering, mainly on the breast area. And like the green, no white ring, either. Young Mutant pheasants start to get their adult coloration around 20 weeks of age and can be released into the wild shortly afterward. The Melanistic Mutant pheasant is a favorite variety to release. They lay small brown eggs and have an incubation period of 24-25 days. Then, where do black pheasants come from? The males are entirely dark with a glossy green, blue and also purple shade to them. What/are there special considerations that I need to know about keeping pheasants? Melanistic mutant pheasant chicks are a pure breed. A green hen looks just like yours look. This bird refers to the melanistic mutant. Melanistic Mutant Male. These birds have quickly become a favorite amongst wildlife hobbyist. Current Pricing top of page. They will have an iridescent purple to the feathers when the sun hits it just right. Approx 50-60 Small Brown Eggs/Year AVAILABLE TO SHIP APRIL–JULY | MINIMUM ORDER 35 | STRAIGHT RUN ONLY ; Next available … This bird is a melanistic common or ring-necked pheasant (Phasianus colchicus). Oct 25, 2015 31,939 190,281 1,642 South Central Texas . All of our birds ship the same day that they hatch. game preserves that deliberately release black pheasants for their ornamental plenty of space and males can become aggressive with each other especially in breeding season. The males are entirely dark with a glossy green, blue and purple shade to them. The cock melanistic pheasants are really black.… The black pheasants feathers are so beautiful with iridescent and greenish-black color. for hens. Melanistic Mutant Pheasants These originated within feral stock in Europe over 100 years ago. So on Craig's List I came across someone local that has some melanistic pheasant chicks for sale. May 22, 2020 #9 007Sean Becoming Ridiculously Awesome. We have a flock of 12 barred rocks, but have never had pheasants. Minimum order is 10. She's not really as black as one might expect a melanistic animal to be. The Melanistic Mutant Pheasant cocks are entirely dark with a glossy green and blue shade to them. 10 - 24. Like the Manchurian/Ringneck Cross pheasant, the weight of the mature Melanistic Mutant cock is 3.5 lbs. Original Price €24.99" Help sexing 56 Melanistic Mutant Pheasant chicks? A Melanistic mutant IS a Ringneck pheasant, just a color mutation of one. Obviously the strains will be completely different but they will still be able to breed. These large, beautiful Black Melanistic pheasants feature an iridescent, greenish-black plumage. The quantity price break is determined on how many total chicks you’ve taken throughout the season. A favorite variety for release, the Melanistic Pheasant display a remarkable ability to survive and reproduce in the wild. This is a hen pheasant. My first instinct was that I wanted some! Premium Feather Member. Then I came here to ask about raising pheasants to see if this was a good idea. The Green melanistic will be totally green, everywhere and no white ring around it's neck...the Black melanistic will be black everywhere, even the hens. She's much darker brown and has more black on her plumage than a typical hen of this species. The black pheasant originated within feral stock in Europe over 100 years ago.