Women were normally left to attend to domestic affairs at home but Jesus allowed women to travel with him and his twelve disciples (Luke 8:1-3). But truth by its nature is exclusive and does not include in itself contradictory claims. Religion in Africa does not encourage creativity, invention or critical thinking, because of its conservative or static. Why Would A Loving God Send People To Hell? Any student of the history of modern science cannot deny that scientific inquiry grew out of a religious tradition. ���qA�q�&�ظ)�v���ʟ�������R���9p�f��b8$�]�m����i�m�]�n�֋��1�i�ؾB�Hϰ�w(7&О}�R�W������/"`#�E���. On 17 August 2016, an article titled, “The Damning Effects Of Religion In Africa,” written by Kofi Asamoah Okyere was published on Modernghana.com in which the writer sought to establish a case that religion impeded the development of Africa.. Most of the points the writer used as evidence for his case ended up proving the damaging effects of the abuse of the teachings of Christianity rather than proving a negative logical outworking of the Christian faith; the evidence only proved that professing Christians have not been Christian enough. Kojo Yankah - Who Has Been Reading Documents From The Office Of The Special Prosecutor, The Inspiring Effects Of Christianity In Africa. We begin to exalt commitment over feelings, forgiveness over anger, patience over shortcuts, honesty over deception and sacrifice over comfort. H�tW�n����+�Zl�MbV�dЃ��*�%�"gh�)w���:��D�n�H�zWݪS����CGIQ�n-�\Օ��$�3W�iTn���������������:Z�ש���$T��l�U%A�R�i]����^���O�kw�p�������&\Q��|q��M����-�lU��ݗ�S�k��n~U�3�^D�*�`���([� ��1)�����ׁS�U�Du^�nGq�R��UP�z��)H�:U ⣡��%�[X�W��d��S��:�����u���H5�g��{�)I�j��P�HL�R��a&\mXD���$o��]Gi�֚ y΃QR�O��!Q� ڎ���V�I�����S�%���'env�e��P�cu����5������LsK�� In other words, the West has abandoned God but is still stealing from God. There are multiple aspects of answering this question. A whole belief system must first be supplanted.”, R. G. ColemanE-mail: [email protected]Blog: www.rgcoleman.wordpress.com, The author has 14 publications published on Modern Ghana.Column: RobertGColeman, Disclaimer: "The views/contents expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect those of Modern Ghana. As one scholar has warned, any time a text is taken out of its context it can become an excuse for justifying anything at all. Google Scholar Nürnberger, K. (1975), ‘The Sotho notion of the Supreme Being under the impact of the Christian Proclamation’, Journal of Religion in Africa , … It can also refer to the institutionalisation of such beliefs and their practices.” His points may be summarized as follows: He placed some emphasis on Christianity since it is a dominant religion in Ghana and also a religion he once practised. My view, which is similar to the one expressed by Yale University Professor, Miroslav Volf, in his 2002 lecture on “Christianity and Violence,” delivered at the University of Pennsylvania, is this: the cure for religiously induced evils is never less religion, but rather more religion. << )Θp��G���r����� }�dYd���a���]A�#M"N�� Africa, and specifically Nigeria is subject to many problems, including corruption, greed, continued sexual immorality and violence. (�ũ�Gf!��b�N���x&��90� 6�㚖�@�2L�"@��qF� ���a ���.�r�����S����3���MXy���!F� [email protected]�Y~a�D��߇��N�v�@n!b�D��֚�8�S�e���(5PH6ܗ?}�l'���7�*�C�V�"���x�G��'�ؚ�/��F0�Y������r��Fو�G���^1.[���uŏ��������6"�{�K�l=!�{bǃq����. Any argument that a religion like Christianity which counts among its great teachers and apologists Augustine, Thomas Aquinas, Luther, G. K. Chesterton and C. S. Lewis (to name just a few great theological and apologetic minds) would need to learn critical thinking, betrays a narrow understanding of rationality and the nature of critical thinking. Jesus even encouraged Martha to do likewise (Luke 10:38-42). ", UPDATE: GCB Bank Fire Started From Storeroom They stood tall.”. I seek, in this article, to contest the claim that the Christian faith, as one of the major religions in Africa, predominantly fosters negative effects (like conflicts, laziness, fear, lack of curiosity/creativity and violence), and argue that Christianity has been a contributor to progress and development and also a force for more peaceful societies in Africa and the world. Norman, E. (1981), Christianity in the Southern Hemisphere: The churches in Latin American and South Africa (Oxford: Clarendon). %PDF-1.3 When Christianity abandoned its Palestinian roots, its new home in the Graeco-Roman world included North Africa (Maghrib ), which was the breadbasket of Rome, and shared extensive commercial and cultural relations with Palestine and the Levant. Rather than only pointing you to some enlightening great teachings and deep truths, he, by his power, transforms hearts that are dead to God into hearts that are alive to God. '|���&�XD��i8�(�݌����4}�{��1 ������G6rP��h�2��q�^@z�k��RHfL��t�fv�hiע�=KG1?��H�� 9������L2�H���n�����6$��Ԣ��mX���zB_�^��S�up���������j]Q�?͘�$:I����s?u:ӂ�k�tH}5���i��b&H�9��r*R��B�7r��q�rTPM�S14lcv�Fci�+9�@�x�U3]8�G�H��'��2�"6܂"т��\��\+���+U`p�$]���>��*�J��Oh�n�3�sZ��8Iq��q���ZG�h�s�x���i:,�C�Fe�[������R��y Religious doctrines create a sense of fear or timidity in its adherents. Modern Ghana will not be responsible or liable for any inaccurate or incorrect statements contained in this article. short of massive, and in this article, this impact is presented in terms of both its positive and negative effects. ��7�5Y���̗�|Ws�-��{�g4/dlN�@�(��VQGwˏR��ig�ev�`�z{�I��. The Ordained Ministry’s Facilitating Role (2), What Has "Otani Gyimifoc" Have To Do With Agyapa Royalties Limited Transactions Anti-Corruption Assessment, Animal Farm Dilemma and the Airbus Scandal, Obituary Of J J Rawlings (1947-2020) - Part 3, Transparency International Says U.k. Must Stop Risky Ghana Agyapa Royalties & Tax Haven Scheme, Not Adding Up: Australia, Iran and the Release of Kylie Moore-Gilbert, Russia, Indeed, Returns To Africa – Says, Senator Igor Morozov, Ghanaian Party Politics And Ideology Of The National Democratic Party Of Ghana, A Quick Note To Hon. It has no merit. His recommendation, therefore, was that African societies should put less focus on religion and a major focus on science, technology and critical thinking as this will move our development goals forward.