Generally, religion has exceedingly great impacts on tourism with religion contributing greatly towards the growth and diversification of religion. This gets better due to the fact that the global tourism sector has been undergoing great changes recently; changes that aim at improving the tourism sector so as to provide top notch services. Religious activities like the annual Muslim gathering in Mecca to stone Satan is also a clear indication of the massive effects of religion on tourism. Many of these groups would have used the services of a specialist tour operator. From the evidence provided by the images on the two pages above, do you think Lourdes provides a good example of sustainable tourism? Table of Content——–vii. As such, it goes without saying that these two sectors are interrelated with each other as they are dependent of each other. In tourism, there is a very exclusive sector referred to as religious tourism, one of the greatest pillars of tourism presently. Each of these sub-categories of religion has had great effects on tourism both individually and jointly with the other sub-categories. The negative effects of religion have been mentioned as follows: A sense of superiority: Many times, it happens that the people of a certain religion start believing that the teaching and morals of their own religion are superior than any other religion. Very often the infrastructure is built without any sustainable development plan or environment protection policies. City. For countries with deep roots in religion, this tourism edges out as the leading form of tourism. Religion and tourism coexist mutually especially due to the fact that an increase in religious activities leads to a similar increase in tourism. ... Impacts – Positive or Negative? The history of religion dates back to   at least two thousand years ago. Acknowledgement——-iv. Animals lose their natural habitat and have to move to a new location. Record your opinions on the Evidence Log. As such, when the pope or any other prominent religious leader visits a specific location, it becomes quite easy for that place to enjoy increased tourism in both short and long terms. 1.2 Purpose of the Study——5. Each of the crosses in the image below was left by a church group who visited Lourdes. The best thing about this annual event is that it brings together Muslims from allover the world to participate in the event. El-Bakry (2003) notes that the high cost of an umra or hajj trip for Muslim people plus the increase in the Land - Real estate Title Page———i. Touroba Place For starters, religious sites in countries like Italy and Rome are the main tourist attraction sites for the tourism sectors of these countries. I hope you enjoy my show. Therefore development comes at the cost of nature. EVIDENCE LOG 5 - A good example of Sustainable Tourism? Major problems include: Most religious centres in the country, major or minor, suffer from short but intense seasons that alter the dynamics of the region for the rest of the year. New areas of land need to be cleared for new hotels and roads. 46 Odum Chigozie Jude et al. Abstract ———vi. The best thing about increase in tourism is that it tags along a wide range of other exclusive benefits that may include employment, increased revenue for the country and most importantly diversification of tourism activities. The impacts of religion on tourism are not overrated in any way. The   success of tourism and its subsequent growth is based on the existence of exclusive attraction sites that are bound to keep tourists coming back from time to time. Summarise the products and the destinations served by either of the two tour operators below:, Visits by prominent religious people such as the pope opens a new and a very resourceful avenue of increasing tourism by a great margin.