Plus, this is also a great advertisement for how good frozen fries are that are being reheated in the air fryer. It is a portable and a great takeaway meal and never disappoints you whenever you eat it. © Its multi-use is a plus point, and it is user friendly. You can follow along with our Ninja Foodi series at Recipe This. One food that is always popular with newbie air fryer users is frozen French fries. Todays experiment is all about grabbing a couple of bags of frozen French fries and to see how frozen fries compare from the traditional air fryer to the Ninja Foodi. Select AIR FRY, set temperature to 350°F, and set time to 23 minutes. How To Substitute Cream Of Mushroom Soup In Green Bean Casserole? Facebook Group | Pinterest | Twitter | YouTube. Procedure to cook French fries using an Air fryer. I have made air fryer fries so many times. Select START/PAUSE to begin. We have the best guide for you. Frozen food in the Ninja Foodi cooks in a similar way to many air fryers. This Post Contains Affiliate Links. Procedure to cook French fries using an Air fryer. After purchasing my first Ninja Foodi I have been experimenting to see how foods cooked in the Philips Air Fryer compare to the Ninja. how to cook frozen French fries in the air fryer. If you are using different frozen fries than us, I recommend you follow the bag instructions, then check on your fries and see what adjustments you need to make. Preheat the air fryer, and sprinkle oil onto the basket. Cook the fries at 400F for about 15 minutes. There is no additional cost to you if you purchase through one of our links. . The quick fry bag had a recommended cook time of 7 minutes and we cooked ours for 8 minutes. There are probably a bazillion reasons I love my Air Fryer. Ninja Foodi applies heat, and it also has a fan that circulates throughout to cook it thoroughly. Add salt according to your taste. The regular French fries we bought, had a recommended cook time on the bag of 13 minutes. Insert crisper plate in basket and insert basket in unit. The cooking time of fries depends on what type of French fries you want. 3 Reasons Why GE Microwave Is Not Heating. Step 3: Make sure to place French fries evenly in the air fry basket. It is better to reduce the temperature by 25 degrees compared to the temperature in a conventional oven. Before we get into the nitty gritty of cooking frozen french fries with air, lets go over some background information first! Spray with a little extra virgin olive oil spray. Simply click through to the links below and see what else we have to say and recommend for the Ninja Foodi. Set the time … ALL content including photos are copyright protected. Cooking them can be a real hard task. This post includes affiliate links, and we earn a small commission if you purchase through these links. During cooking our Ninja Foodi Frozen French Fries we kept an eye on our cook time and compared it to the time on the bag for oven baking or deep fat frying. But it’s a great space saver and ideal if you can’t choose between an air fryer and an instant pot. I took a further look and realised that I was using the quick cook McCain fries. Switch on the Ninja Foodi. Preheat the unit by selecting AIR FRY, setting the temperature to 350°F, and setting the time to 3 minutes. If we are not and you use Pinterest then follow us. The one I have is by Ninja, and it does double duty as a countertop oven, indoor grill, and dehydrator… so maybe it’s actually quadruple duty, ha! Add salt according to your taste.