I wish I could use a little baking soda in the all-natural deodorant but after just a couple of days I break out in a rash and stay sensitive to it. So if you’re thinking about taking a supplement or tincture that has usnic acid in it, be sure to talk to your doctor or other qualified practitioner first about the risks—and to ensure it wouldn’t interact poorly with any medications you’re taking. Usnea, also known as Beard lichen, tree’s dandruff, woman’s long hair, or tree moss, old man’s beard, Beard Moss, Mousse D Arbre, oak moss, Sodium Usniate, Usnea Barbata, Usnea Florida, Usnea Hirta, Usnea Lichen is a lichen, a symbiotic relationship between an algae and fungus. GOLD STANDARD PRODUCTION: Your health and safety mean everything to us. Though lichens appear to be single plants, they are really a combination of fungus and algae that grow together for their mutual benefit. It is known to act against Streptococcus, as well. Usnea lichen is among the trusted and proven herbal medicines for treating certain viral, bacterial and fungal infections. Usnea Tea Benefits The Usnea herb is acknowledged as being especially effective in fighting bacteria, microbes and helping ward away infections. Native American, Chinese, and European medicine. It might not be common, even in the world of alternative herbal health, but its benefits are undisputed. OPTIMALLY CONCENTRATED: Each of our herbal extracts is CONCENTRATED to the ideal level for that particular herb. Today, you can find usnic acid (basically the active ingredient in usnea that’s largely responsible for its purported benefits) in toothpastes, mouthwashes, sunscreens, and deodorant. Get it daily. Usnea, a lichen with some potential medicinal properties, may have some health benefits. Like mushrooms, usnea lichen has the tendency to absorb and retain heavy metals in the environment. It helps to maintain a healthy gut and prevents diseases caused by gram-positive bacteria. However, per the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, usnic acid’s other traditional uses of warding off fever and relieving pain are not currently backed by any research. Store in a cool place so mixture stays hard. It also contains mucilage, which—stay with me—is a slimy, gooey substance that can help ease irritating coughs and sore throats. (A lichen, btw, is basically when a fungus and an algae fuse together to make a symbiotic life form.). Real talk: There’s not a ton of concrete research out there on usnea or usnic acid. 12 Health Benefits of Old Man’s Beard Moss - A Powerful Natural Antibiotic . Nevertheless, usnic acid is effective for the aforementioned purposes. Usnea tincture contains ONLY natural ingredients! It is sometimes used as a deodorant. Take that with a grain of salt—the study wasn’t done on live subjects so it’s unclear how this would affect the human body. If exposed to vehicular exhaust, they would absorb its toxins after which they would cease from thriving. Glass Dropper-Top Bottle, Vegan, Non-GMO and All-Natural, Optimally Concentrated, Usnea (Usnea barbata) Liquid Extract 4 oz, Costus Root: Top 9 Health Benefits (Latest Findings), Black Sesame Seeds: Top 10 Health Benefits (New Data), Nettle Root: Benefits For Prostate and More [2020 Studies], Dogwood Fruit: Top 10 Health Benefits (Kousa Berries), Haritaki: 12 Major Health Benefits (Latest Findings), Ashitaba Benefits [A Comprehensive New Guide], Chestnut Mushroom: 5 Top Health Benefits (Exciting New Data), African Bird Pepper: Top Health Benefits [Latest Research], Calamus Root: Top Health Benefits [2020 Research], Shilajit: Top 9 Health Benefits (Latest Research), Goldenseal Root: Health Benefits and Uses [2020 Scientific Data], Enokitake Mushroom (Flammulina Velutipes) Top Health Benefits [2020 Data], Chaga Mushroom: Top Medicinal Mushroom [2020 Data], Schizandra Tea [How to Drink It & How To Benefit], Usnea Lichen: Top 10 Uses and Benefits [Current Data], Cistanche Tubulosa and Deserticola [In-Depth Benefits Analysis], Herbal Antiviral Supplements: Top 4 That Work (Quickly).