This page usually contains a drawing of the actual project. Should you need more information regarding a project’s construction plans, this information should include contact information for further discussion. In some cases, similar symbols can have different meanings depending on the line of work being performed. Or the process to find out the make and model number of a bedroom window. Dimensions should always be placed outside of the object that is being drawn. In addition to the above mentioned, construction plans are also often composed of industry-specific symbols. With that, I’m thinking of studying the construction plan. It is a lot like having your own language as a construction worker. An exploded view is shown with a circle around the section on one of the primary views and identified with a capital letter. Regardless of how the plans are presented, the importance of understanding construction drawings remains a top priority. General notes eliminate the use of lengthy written explanations. The ability to read construction plans will not only increase your value to your current employer but is a staple to anyone serious about advancing their career as a professional contractor. A professional draftsperson will use three primary views of an object in order to show all of the dimensions. This can easily be converted to miles by dividing by 5280 feet per mile. It is a note that provides technical information that will apply to the entire drawing. A roofing project, for example, will have symbols for items located on a roof such as HVAC units or skylights, while an electrical plan will have symbols for outlets and conduits. In many cases the draftsperson that is making the set of woodworking plans will not put the word or symbol for inches. | Construct-Ed. Filed Under: Employment & Career, Trade Skills Tagged With: blueprint reading, construction plans, how to read blueprints, how to read construction plans, reading construction plans. Contents 2020. last year Like material and tools needed Jewelry box plans today! As an example the numerical indication for nine feet and three inches would be 9.3 or 9/3 or 9-3. Aside from the apparent specs and dimensions, construction plans also help communicate what the project is about. If you want to test a set of woodworking plans to see if they are to scale, measure horizontal and vertical defined measurements and see if they match the scale – exactly. the shape of the site . Information such as dimensions, parts, placement, and materials for each project can all be found in construction drawings to assure the project is completed correctly. This area of the sheet contains important information about the project as well as the company, typically a professional design firm, that created it. For example, 1/8″ = 1′ (one eighth inch equals one foot). There are hard and fast rules that a designer should use when creating a set of woodworking plans that can be read by others. With the continued advancement of technology throughout the construction industry, digital plans are becoming increasingly popular due to ease of making edits and sharing plans among construction team members. What is Included in a Set of Construction Plans? Fractions should always be those found on a tape measure; 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, 1/32 and 1/64. The section that has been circled on one of the primary views is then shown in a larger format in order to show the details, as shown in Figure 3. read Hugh mcdonald colorado futon Read on to learn what this finish is … To ensure a uniform finish, detach removable knobs, pulls, and other hardware on the wood surface you plan to ceruse.