:-) I know I probably sound frustrated here but I truly do appreciate EVERYONE"S input. If you frame it, choose a frame that is the same (red, for example) or coordinating color (bronze if everything else is brown) as the other frames in the room, or pick a frame in the same style/era as the others (Baroque frame if everything else is Baroque) to create a unified look. Hi Beth: Plant tone NPK is 5-3-3, and Rose tone NPK is 4-3-2. I think just a little extra vigilance is all that is required to keep it looking great. For the work you have in mind, is the canvas on the side completely blank, painted as a continuation of the work or have some paint splatter? I know that it makes me look like a real goof...but in real life it has a beautiful look and ties in the tall cabinet. Thoroughly water around the plants to activate the fertilizer. Garden Beds: Mix into top 4 inches of soil at the rate of 4 lbs. per plant It's one notch higher in nitrogen, and one notch higher in potassium. You can't have too much storage. For plants such as annuals, small perennials and vegetables, add a handful of Plant-tone to the reserved soil. Honestly, that color is one of the mid colors in the tiles. With a 5-3-3 NPK formulation, Plant-tone delivers slow-release nutrition into the soil, where beneficial microbes break down the nutrients into a form that plant roots can absorb. I suppose, if you wanted to err on the side of caution you could just simply pour the boiling water directly into the drain and avoid the sink as much as possible. Since you are in TX with hot weather, I would use LESS plant tone, and supplement that with sulfate of potash, Amazon sells that. As for installation: as others have mentioned, an experienced cabinet maker or contractor should easily understand that there just needs to be some additional support put in for the sink due to its extreme weight. Espoma fertilizers, including Plant-tone, contain 100 percent organic ingredients to synthetic chemical fertilizers. Apply the fertilizer twice a year – once in spring and again in fall. She is also a former mortgage acquisition specialist for Freddie Mac in Atlanta, GA. How Often Should You Apply Scotts Lawn Pro Non Phosphorus Lawn Food? Espoma reports that none of the ingredients in Plant-tone is considered toxic by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. After preparing the lawn, you can immediately sow seeds. What Percent of Iron Is in Ironite Fertilizer? i'd go with Plant tone or preferable Tomato tone or Garden tone. If you're mixing Plant-tone fertilizer to potting soil before filling containers and adding plants, add it at the rate of 1 part Plant-tone to 25 parts soil. Hi Beth: Plant tone NPK is 5-3-3, and Rose tone NPK is 4-3-2. Thoroughly incorporate the fertilizer with the soil. I also poured boiling water in my sink many many times with no issues. But again, I never really worried about it and I never had any problems with it. Incorporate the fertilizer into the top 4 inches of soil by rototilling, digging it in with a shovel or using a bow rake to scratch it into the soil. ft. New Plantings: Mix 1 cup into soil used to backfill the planting hole. I need to get a computer program where I can change the color of the walls to see what you all see in having a darker color. And I will lose the soap too. each side per 100 ft. of row. Thanks again, Joanne, and Congratulations on the marriage!!! Keep 3 inches from stem.-F edm onthly ru gwi sa . If I didn't want the advice I shouldn't have asked, right? Overall, it was an awesome sink and now that we have moved to another house three years later I am definitely going to buy another one!