Rhubarb: any of several plants belonging to the genus Rheum, of the buckwheat family, ... on this sight because I bought rainbow chard and my husband thought it might be rhubarb and I really wasn’t sure what rhubarb tastes like when not mixed with sugar so being a nervous Nelly, ... That might be your look-alike. And if you are unsure about any plant that looks like a rhubarb type, don't chance it at all. Rhubarb is a well-loved plant because its stems can be used to make amazing desserts.However, rhubarb must be prepared properly because some parts of this plant contain toxins which are very dangerous for consumption. Don't eat gunnera-manicata. To prepare rhubarb for cooking, knowing what the plant looks like is a must.. see more; Family Gunneraceae . We've arranged the synonyms in length order so that they are easier to find. Giant Rhubarb Protects A Shoreline. Have you a neighbour with a garden who could come and do an ident? They look like rhubarb because of the familiar shapes of the leaves, the stem is somewhat similar, but these plants are NOT rhubarb. (I am renting a house) I have never grown rhubarb myself and so I did some research on the internet and found that there is poisonous rhubarb which is kin to the edible kind. Obviously, I will play it safe and avoid it all together, but I would like to know how to tell the difference. Genus Gunnera may be evergreen or herbaceous rhizomatous perennials, and range from small creeping plants to very large with huge leaves.
If you see prickly burrs protruding from the top of the plant, it's not rhubarb. Failing that, your nearest Tech college will have a horticultural dept and someone could do an ident for you. I have a plant at our new home which I initially thought was rhubarb, but it has since sprouted very tall stalks . It looks a bit like hogweed and if it is for gods sake don't touch it or let the children near it. An invasive, non-native plant. Rhubarb leaf stalks have a tart flavor. It is easily recognised by its enormous leaves and spiky stems up to 2m tall. I was going to cut it down, but a neighbor recommended that I ask if it was a dangerous plant. This huge plant is very popular in gardens, where it’s grown beside ponds and in damp, boggy areas. There are actually a lot of other plants that resemble rhubarb. I have some plants that look a lot like rhubarb growing in my back yard. Synonyms, crossword answers and other related words for GIANT RHUBARB-LIKE PLANT [gunnera] We hope that the following list of synonyms for the word gunnera will help you to finish your crossword today.