Sorinex is another company who manufactures their equipment in the U.S.A. There is also a 20 week version available. Then, once you're through this article, it's time for dessert. They offer some awesome customization capabilities directly on their website with their “build-a-cage configurator.' They include the following: These items will serve as your training foundation, and they will, for all intents an purposes, provide everything you need to start your own powerlifting gym and hit the ground running in serious strength gains. Adamant Barbell is a reseller who carries several different brands of plates including Troy, York, Intek, etc… They also carry standard plates similar to those shown above sold by Rogue. I am astounded by the number of people that are looking for a magical number of sets or reps. Ranging from $599 to $665, this is a premier offering from Kabuki that is certainly not cheap. The bar is stainless steel throughout, including the sleeves, thereby giving it supreme oxidation resistance. Chances are, as of the date of this article, you've never heard of Gymway USA. With the SSB you can perform back squats, front squats, good morning variations, unilateral work (great for rehab), and even lying triceps extensions! That said, I've seen some pretty awesome half racks that are certainly strong enough to handle heavy loads. The durometer rating is a 94, which is among the highest you'll find with bumpers plates. It also offers a whopping 221k tensile strength, which is one of the highest available in the power bar market. The odds that all 5 people would be deadlifting at the same time is low, so that amount of weight should be plenty, plus some room for some additional lifters. The knurling is considered “sticky” by many, but without the sharp & coarse knurling that some other power bars offer. When purchasing a trap bar, there are a few key considerations to pay close attention to: I personally own the Intek ModF Bar and I think it's one of the better trap bars on the market given it's open-ended design. They look beautiful and they perform beautifully. If he finds that more than 5 people are lifting at a time, he can always make additional purchases for weight. If budget isn't a concern to you, Sorinex makes amazing, beautiful, and rock solid power racks. I personally followed these instructions. You're building a broad base of strength and muscularity that will serve you down the road.Â. If this is the case for you, adjustable dumbbells are the perfect option. Iron/Steel plates are traditionally the go-to plates in the world of powerlifting. There are two manufacturers that stand above the rest when it comes to adjustable dumbbells: Ironmaster and Powerblock. This is one of my absolute favorite power bars. 475/215x3x4 on pause squats. Feel free to email me at [email protected] if you still need help. The reason you want low-bounce is because you'll be far less likely to throw off your bar path on deadlifts and also because they typically have a thinner profile. The Absolute Power Bar is their mid-tier option, priced at $339 (free shipping). Other manufacturers to look for include UCS, Legend, and Sorinex. Some of the most elite powerlifters have trained on this bar. Just getting started? Pull ups are an easy and universal way to train the muscles of the back, as well as the stabilizers in the shoulders. Bounce is measured through what is called a durometer rating. The bare steel version is $265, the black zinc/bright zinc version is $285, stainless steel/hard chrome is $395, and the fully stainless steel version is $470. All will have their own sections, bars and weights. Building a badass home gym isn't as hard as you think! The 18″ height is slightly higher than some comp federations, so keep that in mind if you require comp specs. You can read my reviews of each here and here. American Barbell is also known for their beautiful welding on the sleeves. It's built like a tank, it has plenty of interior depth, and its footprint is perfect for a garage or home gym setting. In my opinion, it's a better option than the Rogue Flat Utility bench. American Barbell offers some of the finest craftsmanship in the game. Rogue is known for having some of the best bumper plates on the market. They have a durometer rating of 86. It’s more accessible than Olympic weightlifting, easier to get into than strongman, and you can even train for it in a regular commercial or home gym. Hit the gym and watch the guys who are bigger and stronger than you. There are even cheaper options, but the three listed above are arguably the best of the bunch. Like the Ironmasters, they take up minimal floor space, but unlike the Ironmasters, you will need to shell out some extra coin for the stand. The holed grips provide an even easier way to load and unload the plates. Also pumped to bring back the incline DB rows which was a staple assistance movement when I was still going to a gym. Priced at $379, it offers a nice value for a fully stainless power bar. Full racks can handle extreme weight loads, and because of this, they are often the selection of choice for powerlifters. The Ironmaster 5-75 lb system is the pick for you if you like the pro-style dumbbell feel. They are less expensive than the competition bumpers, so check them out if you're looking to shave a few bucks of your total. The content on our website is for informational and educational purposes only and is not intended as medical advice or to replace a relationship with a qualified healthcare professional. There is certainly no shortage of other accessory equipment on the market. – Flat Utility Bench – The flat utility bench from Rogue is a good-not-great flat bench at under $180. Can you go into a little more detail on your Power Lift GHD? He could probably get away with 1,800 lbs-2,000 lbs initially though. If that old school look and feel is what you're looking for, consider these. The colored plates are better for general purpose lifting. As far as buying new; however, there are a few places I would recommend you start your search: I think Rep Fitness has to be near the top of the list, especially if you're not planning to purchase calibrated plates. Ben Creicos is a health-and-fitness writer who is passionate about helping everyone discover the body's limitless potential. I have owned the Rogue Ohio Power Bar in both stainless steel and black zinc. How is it for taller athletes? – Black Training Plates – These plates are essentially the exact same as the competition plates, but with a different look. So click your heels and say it with me… “there's no place like home, there's no place like home, there's no place like home..”. Today’s training: Back squats – 3×3 220kg/485lbs SSB Squats – 3×6 130kg/287lbs SSB Good Mornings – 3×8 60kg/132lbs Incline DB Rows – 3×8 38.5kg/85lbs Body is super sore from the other 2 days of training I’ve had since taking a week off for vacation, but it’s a good feeling. – Titan Flat bench – Titan offers another solid budget option. Adding another layer of stall mats would be enough to protect your floor. – Rogue Calibrated Steel Plates – These plates are just awesome. The bench is constructed with 3×3 11-gauge steel and it has wheel for easy transport. Thanks! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Considering the bench weighs in at 62 lbs, this is a helpful feature. In this ultimate guide, I'll take you through the essential equipment to help you build your own powerlifting gym. Keep in mind that if you elect to add the Thompson Fat Pad, you will add 0.5″ to the overall height. If I'm ever president, which, I promise I won't be, I am banning these abominations ASAP. That sounds like it’s going to be an awesome gym. Important note: The colored training plates linked here are not spec'd the same. Brandon is another awesome dude who made a name for himself on YouTube and brought a lot of popularity to the sport of powerlifting. Dumbbells give you a level of variety in your training that is unmatched by anything else. Say a group of 20? I have my power rack in the basement. I’ve found it to be a great unit on all the GHD variations. But, everyone has to start somewhere and this powerlifting program will allow you to progress rather quickly. This is actually my favorite power bar. The bar is great (I own it) but the value as compared to some other quality powerlifting bars may not be as high. You'll also receive ongoing can't-miss deals, equipment releases, and awesome product reviews. Powerlifting Academy 3 Day 16 Week Program Spreadsheet. How is it with hip extensions, back extensions, and GHD sit-ups? I personally own them, and I highly recommend checking them out. It boasts the highest tensile rating of any bar out there, ranging from 250k to 258k. As for specs, the Texas Power Bar offers a slightly smaller diameter shaft at 28.5 mm. The Ohio Power bar is arguably the most popular power bar ever created. Would adding a second layer of stall mats over the existing layer in my power lifting zone adequately protect my basement floor if I were to start dropping moderate weight ( under 250 lbs) bumper plates? I think it's a great implement for general strength and an excellent teaching tool for the hip hinge. Rep offers an attractive set of competition bumpers that are similarly spec'd to the Rogue comp plates. You can of course also lift outside of a full power rack. – Rogue Machined Olympic Plates– These are modeled similarly to the Ivanko OM Series plates shown above in the photo at a fraction of the cost (~$55 savings on the pair).