Speech Therapy Pronoun activities with BOOM CARDS™: Interactive Digital Task Cards for subject pronouns, object pronouns, possessive pronouns, and reflexive pronouns. •Between 12-26 months of age, children will use the pronouns I (to refer the themselves) and it. Download this free worksheet. Free Practice Pronouns Activities 1. This is a WORD … •Between 35-40 months, the pronouns … They're self-checking, which means he can work on these independently and confirm his own answers. So to continue practicing his pronouns, I put together this free printable flip up pronoun speech therapy cards. Also, instruct the student to choose the correct ocean item from a pile that is laid out in front of him or her, … Categorize Boys and Girls. •Between 27-30 months, children will acquire the pronouns my, me, mine, and you. There's over 40 different cards to practice the pronouns … Your students will love to learn about pronouns with these lunchtime themed pronouns activities for speech therapy – they are great for use all year round. Have your child separate the cards into a boy pile … With this set, you can target early pronouns ‘he’ … Stop to have the student choose the correct pronoun. Teacher: Read the story to the student. Cut out the pictures of the boys and girls. •Between 31-34 months, children will use your, she, he, your, and we.