The SC 594 has push-pull on the tone controls for a coil split for both humbuckers. Both seem to be great locking tuners. Can get all the details in my article on Scale Length and Why It Matters. Consequently, Ted McCarty became a mentor plus dear friend to Paul and the PRS company in the late 80’s and early 90’s. Body In fact, the Gibson scale length has actually changed a bit over the years due to newer production methods and machines. This guitar became Paul’s tribute to Ted and a tangible way to pay homage to Ted’s legacy of innovation. Weight is quite close. Even acoustically without plugging in. Paul pointed out that from his measurements of many vintage Gibson guitars that this advertised scale length is incorrect. Both pickup version sound great. Looking at both guitars it appears the SC 245 may be a slightly more glossy looking, but quite close. The SC 594 is listed as a McCarty Burst and the SC 245 is listed as a Vintage Sunburst. I have owned (and still own) a few Gibson Les Pauls which were always one of my favorite guitars and this PRS makes a great alternate for its build quality and modern features. PRS McCarty 594 Singlecut with 10-Top in McCarty Sunburst. PRS included hard case is the same for both guitars. Both have tummy cuts for comfort. Body: Solid body; Add to compare PRS. A new Pattern Vintage neck carve that is slightly thicker front to back and features an asymmetrical carve with a little less meat on the treble side, and a little more on the bass side of the neck was designed for improved playability. Strap buttons are the standard PRS, but the SC 594 are gold and the SC 245 are chrome. Coopers hawk Both guitars have PRS Bird inlays. Likely more of a “tipping the hat” to those great vintage iconic guitars that Ted McCarty had a lot to do with when he was at Gibson. Control Layout PRS McCarty 594 Singlecut version was developed in PRS Private Stock department before becoming a regular core model. I have had a few PRS SC. The PRS McCarty Singlecut 594 blends vintage elements and modern appointments in a classic single-cut solidbody. The SC 594 surely moves a bit closer into Gibson Les Paul territory than the previous McCarty models. Likely the same as they look quite similar. This model is inspired by Ted McCarty, a friend, mentor and consultant to Paul Reed Smith for several years. These finishes may actually be the same as PRS lists the V12 finish being used since 2010 and the midpoint between nitro and acrylic with a classic feel all its own. Closer to a Gibson P.A.F. Finish The PRS Bridge and Stop Tail piece for both guitars are the same as well as the rest of the hardware and control knobs. Pickups He was urged by a friend to reach out to McCarty and interview him. The PRS SC 594 is a wonderful, well made instrument. (Patent Applied For) than other pickups PRS offers. The SC 594 neck is a bit meatier, but not a baseball bat by any means. Scale length for a Fender Telecaster or Stratocaster is 25.5-inch which is quite a bit longer and one big reason why Fender guitars sound the way they do. They have gold buttons, that stays in line with the PRS gold/chrome on most of the hardware for both these guitars. He served as vice president of Gibson in 1949 and later as president from 1950-1966. Sparrow landing A more traditional layout for the two volume and two tone controls with a push/pull coil split for more tonal options. This guitar is very resonant due to the PRS quality build and amazing wood and materials used. The SC 594 has push-pull on the tone controls for a coil split for both humbuckers. If you grew up on Gibson Les Paul’s and love modern guitar playability, this model is worth looking at. Body dimensions and shape are the same. PRS. PRS SC 245. Peregrine falcon The PRS is worth a look if you have a more open mind, like the playability of a more modern guitar design or just love PRS guitars. PRS SC 245. Please understand, if its a Gibson Les Paul that you want, BUY one! Ted McCarty passed away in 2001. But the SC 594 version is “LT” meaning low turn for a more vintage sounding lower output pickup. Unlike some vintage guitars, tuning stability is excellent. Ted also owned the Bigsby company before selling it to Gretsch. I've got to think that it's hard to get that much beautiful wood.