Once you can get to 60 or more seconds, you’re a forearm freak show! We may earn a commission through links on our site. She’s most passionate about hiking, traveling, mindfulness, cooking, and really, really good coffee. One of the reasons your forearms tend to lag behind your biceps is because you can use heavier weights on underhand-grip biceps curls than overhand-grip curls, which more directly work your lower arms. Sit on the edge of a bench or chair holding a dumbbell in your right hand, and place your right forearm on your right thigh, palm down, with your right wrist on top of your right kneecap. Now, grip them to hang from beneath a low bar setup, holding a plank posture with your heels down on the ground. BJ Gaddour serves as the Fitness Director for the Men's Health brand. Reach up and grab a towel in each hand with a tight grip. Keeping your core braced and your spine straight, walk in a straight line with your shoulders engaged for distance or steps. Farmer walks. Bring your biceps into the equation with a flexed arm version of the carry. The standard bicep curl can be done standing or sitting at the end of a bench. Case in point: Loaded carries. Previously a staff editor at Shape, she writes regularly for a slew of national health and fitness publications, including Men's Health, Men's Journal, Women's Health, and Furthermore x Equinox. Follow her on Instagram. could face more serious health issues down the line, Challenge Your Forearms While You Build Up Biceps, How Your Hands Help Fight Off Heart Disease and Stroke, Pump Up Your Arms With This 10-Minute Burner, The Bicep Exercise That Strengthens Your Grip. Keep your spine straight and squeeze your core. Moving just your hand, slowly lower the dumbbell as far as you can, maintaining a tight grip throughout the movement. Men's Health participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. Repeat to fatigue, and then switch sides, performing equal reps on each. At the bottom of each rep, retract your wrists and pause for a count, holding the weights at an angle, then contract back into a standard starting position. This exercise works the flexor muscles located on the back or underside of your forearm. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at piano.io, A Calisthenics Athlete's Guide to Getting Shredded, Watch Rich Froning Skydive With the U.S. Army, 5 Common Pushup Mistakes to Avoid in Your Workouts, This Woman’s Dad Built Her a Peloton Studio, Aaron Yoder Breaks Own Backwards Mile World Record, This Woman Trained Like Lara Croft for 45 Days, These Exercises Will Help You Build Core Strength. Keep your spine straight and squeeze your core, making sure not to overcompensate for the weighted side of your body. Braun suggests slotting a few in at the end of an upper body workout as a burnout for grip strength. Grab a pull-up bar with a shoulder-width grip, palms facing forward. Benefits: This bodyweight exercise helps build not just your wrist and finger flexors, but it’s a great lead-in to tackling scapular pull-ups and other pull-up variations. Keep your spine straight and squeeze your core, making sure not to overcompensate for the weighted side of your body. If you've ever followed along with one of Medwin's live classes, you know he delivers a high-energy workout. To do this … The remaining three exercises have varying emphases due to their wide ranges of motion, forcing you to work all of your forearm muscles through several angles dynamically.The result is an unbelievably visible pump and a set of forearms … Towel-grip Dead Hang. Stand with feet hip width apart holding a dumbbell in each hand, arms by your sides, palms facing behind you. Lower your weights slowly, taking 3 to 5 seconds on the lowering phase of the exercise, to incur the most muscle damage on those forearms. You're not finished with the towels from the first exercise on the list. Lower your palm back to the ground, then repeat the movement on your left side. Add one of the following 10 moves to your next upper-body or arm workout and rotate between the exercise each session. Slowly lower the dumbbell back to neutral. This is a great move to do for high reps — it will give you an epic muscle pump. Benefits: The inverse of the wrist flexion move, this extension exercise helps add size and strength to your wrist extensor muscles. Keep in mind, though, you’re probably building your forearms a bit without even realizing it. Add one of the following 10 moves to your next upper-body or arm workout and rotate between the exercise each session. Get in a plank position with your palms on the ground, squeezing your core and glutes. This mechanical drop set tends to turn those arm veins into anacondas. While there are tons of different workout styles, training splits, and rep schemes, a simple truth rules strength training: If you can’t grip it, you can’t lift it. Grab some medium-weight dumbbells with an overhand grip and hoist them to a position with a 90-degree bend in your elbow. How to do it: … This is a great move to do for high reps — it will give you an epic muscle pump. Unless you want to depend on lifting straps to get through each workout, your ability to grasp heavier weight for extended periods of time can be the difference between a good and a great physique. That way you can maximize your lifting potential during exercises that also build grip strength, he explains. Walk 25 yards, then turn around and walk 25 yards back to the start. “The forearm flexors — wrist flexors, really — are the same muscles that help us grip everything from a barbell to a doorknob,” explains Neal Pire, C.S.C.S., F.A.C.S.M., New Jersey-based trainer and national director of wellness services at Castle Connolly Private Health Partners. Here are 10 of the best moves to add to your ... Add stability to an exercise and you can move more weight. Rachael Schultz is a Colorado-based writer who focuses primarily on why our bodies and brains work the way they do, and how we can optimize both. Reverse the move to return to the starting position, and repeat. Barbell Reverse Curl. Want even more gains? The forearms are made up of a bunch of smaller muscles that move in four main ways, Pire explains: wrist flexion (bending your palm inward), wrist extension (raising the back of your hand), forearm pronation (rotating the palm down), and forearm supination (rotating the palm up).